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The Magic of Ramen – Yokohama Ramen Saito      Youku video

A short documentary about Chef Toshimi Saitou coming to Schiedam to start his ramen restaurant.

Foodventures with Lazy Penguin

Curious about a restaurant? Lazy Penguin personally tries it and gives a review.

Eindhoven ~ SNCKBR (Healthy food)

Rotterdam ~ Noo.Me (Asian noodles and food)         Youku video

Den Haag ~ T&C Haus (Taiwanese food and desserts)       Youku video

Nijmegen ~ Captain Joe (seafood)       Youku video

Eindhoven ~ Strijp-S (area, not a restaurant)       Youku video

Utrecht ~ Kimmade (Vietnamese food)      Youku video

Düsseldorf ~ Takumi Düsseldorf (Japanese ramen)       Youku video

If you know any new restaurants, let me know! And we might film our next foodventure there.

Restaurant impressions

Schiedam ~ Yokohama Ramen Saito (Japanese ramen) (Restaurant video)

やまに寿司 ~ Yamani Sushi in Kyoto (Restaurant video)


Vegetable soup

Lamb skewers (Xinjiang style)

Cucumber salad (Chinese style)