T&C Haus ~ Taiwanese food and dessert heaven in Den Haag

Mango dessert heaven and crispy savory fried chicken? Yes please! You can find it all at T&C Haus. This time we try some Taiwanese food and desserts in Den Haag.


Once upon a time there were two brothers, Chong Lau and Tony Lau. They went to Taiwan and enjoyed the delicious food in eat cafes. They liked the eat cafe style and wanted to bring it to the Netherlands. With their background as chef (Chong) and pastry chef (Tony) they joined hands and created the T&C Haus in Den Haag!

“T&C” stands for “Tony and Chong” or “Taiwanese Cafe” or “Tea and Coffee”… whatever you prefer.
“Haus”; the brothers Lau originate from Germany and this way they keep a bit of ‘home’ in the name. Also the whole family helps at T&C Haus. When you look at their logo you can see the character ŚŹį(Tai), which looks like a little house. A well thought through logo.

I also have to praise them for their interior, it just perfect and well balanced for the eye. The colors, chairs, decoration and light is just perfect. I especially love their clock!

The food

The noodles are nice and firm. The taste of the soup is quite light, but very tasty. It’s a good warm meal. The first time I tried the fried chicken, it was soooo good! Thin, soft, but a crispy layer. Nice and salty, juicy soft chicken… It’s like, wow! how do you get chicken breast this soft!? The second time I ate it, it was less wow, because it had cooled down. That’s the downside of making a foodvlog. Your food becomes cold T^T.

The desserts were really good. Not overly sweet. My favorite was matcha tiramisu. The mango cake is really an explosion of taste, as you might have seen with Lazy Penguin. Again, the dessert visuals are also a feast for the eye. So beautiful :3

Cake service

It’s also possible to order a personalized cake at T&C Haus. You can select your favorite ingredients and Tony will create a cake for you. Tony has a background in patisserie and creates the most stunning cakes for birthdays, weddings and other cake occasions. Check out their Facebook¬†photos for the pieces of art.


Our dinner was around 70 euro for 3 persons. We had 3 noodle sets, 2 side dishes, 2 desserts (+free dessert) and 4 drinks. The drinks are also very good! Of course they have Taiwanese bubble tea and the mocha frappé was really yummy.

Visit them!

T&C Haus
Herengracht 48, 2511 EJ, Den Haag
tc-haus.nl    Facebook

Sun-Tue    12:00-21:30
Wed           Closed
Thu-Sat     12:00-22:00

Captain Joe ~ The freshest seafood in Nijmegen

I didn’t expect a seafood bar in Nijmegen, it is so far from the sea!
Lazy Penguin discovered a new seafood restaurant in Nijmegen and suggested to make a video. Trusting Lazy Penguin’s exceptional food nose, I said: Let’s do this!


Food & Menu

Captain Joe serves cold and hot sea food. We went for the cold dishes, so we don’t have much experience with the hot food. But hot lobster on Monday for 24,50 euro sounds good! (For more info about the cold food, please watch the video.)

Lazy Penguin also ordered two white wines with the seafood. ‘Senora Rosa Chardonnay’ and their home wine ‘Holy Cow’. The ‘Holy Cow’ was really nice with the seafood, not too bitter. I also took a sip.

After all the seafood we were okay full, so still place for a dessert. The dessert where little art pieces by themselves.

So I also made an art piece:

We went to the restaurant at 17:00, quite early for dinner, so we had the place for ourselves. After we were done with filming and eating the place was full with other customers and it was on a Monday!
Don’t forget to make a reservation if you want to eat around 18:00.

My verdict: really tasty and fresh seafood. I particularly liked the “chicken” vongoles and the razor shell salad. I was disappointed there was no cold lobster in the Fruits de Mer, so the next time I want to eat the hot lobster. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Have a lovely day!

Visit them!

Captain Joe
Kelfkensbos 22, 6511 TA Nijmegen
+31 (0)24-333 3171
captainjoe.nl       Facebook

Mon-Thu     16:00-23:00
Fri-Sat         16:00-24:00

Eindhoven: The Happiness Café

A sweet little cafe has popped up in Eindhoven:


First impression

At first impression it looks cute with the logo and hart on the window.
Inside it looks so nice and hip:
happinesscafe wallhappinesscafe window

Lovely designed menu card hanging in the back of the counter. People get all the time to watch. The counter has a lot of things to look at: ingredients for salads, mugs to buy, coffee maker in the back. And quite a lot of people are working behind the counter.
happinesscafe counter

Chairs outside are made of wood and are also used inside. When the rain was pouring, the tables and chairs were inside. When the sun came out, the tables and chairs were put outside.

My little brother and I ordered a smoothie… It wasn’t very special, so that left me a scar.


Healthy Berry smoothie

Everything is designed so nice, so I¬†was a bit disappointed that the beverage was only¬†“meh”. Hopefully the other food is nice.

Some research


Pretty card with things they have to offer

Their website is designed very well. Pretty and informative. I really like the drawn pictures on their salad page:


The Happiness Caf√© offers some unique things: breakfasts, juices and detox stuff. You¬†don’t find those a lot in the Netherlands. Their goal is to offer the people healthy, fresh, pure food. To make your body feel better and make you happy. Nice goal.

Visit them!

The Happiness Café
Nieuwe Emmasingel 9
5611 AM Eindhoven
+31(0)40 845 1034

Food Trends: coffee shops

I live in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe where Amsterdam is the capital. We have a lot of cows, cheese, windmills, tulips and legal drugs. To get all the stereotypical things out there.

I will write a series of posts about the food trends I have been noticing in the Netherlands.

Back-story:¬†When I was doing my industrial design bachelor at Eindhoven I had a very cool teacher for a very fun course. It was called trend watching or something similar to that. The teacher taught us to create our own design methods and to observe trends by going to a lot of conferences or events. “Go out there! Observe and analyse!” I really admired her, because she is a good talker and she had created her own job at a industrial design company by just doing her stuff ‘trend watching’ and they created a new position for her. That’s really awesome: doing your stuff, people like it and they want to pay for it. Hopefully I can create that one day.

Back to the trends in the Netherlands… It will be mostly based on things I like, because that is more fun to write about. First trend is…

Coffee shops!

Finally I see them more in the Netherlands. Those cute, hip, trendy coffee shops which I first saw in China and South-Korea.

Did you know:¬†In the Netherlands the word ‘coffee shop’ is also used for bars where you can legally buy soft drugs. So if you are talking about ‘coffee shops’ in the Netherlands you are usually talking about those places. But I will use the name ‘coffee shop’ for coffee & tea places, because most people OUTSIDE the Netherlands will understand.

There are franchise coffee shops like Coffee Company, Douwe Egberts Café, Bagel & Beans and Starbucks. There are much more individual cute coffee shops. A few which I have visited:

The Living, Delft

The Living, Delft (also food)

Hills & Mills, Delft

Hills & Mills, Delft (also food)

Kek, Delft

Kek, Delft (also lunch)

CoffeeLab, Eindhoven

CoffeeLab, Eindhoven (only coffee & tea!)

I still want to visit Round&Round in Rotterdam. Created by two senior industrial design classmates. They started with selling soft fluffy cake roles.

Hmm.. I have to say most coffee shops are not only selling beverages and sweets, but they also sell dinner or design products. Maybe only selling coffee or tea would not be enough to earn money? Or maybe it’s because Dutch people don’t go out with friends to only sit in a caf√©. They also want to do some activity? Shopping.. eating..

Books & café

Another trend is caf√©s in book stores. When buying a book, maybe you want to relax with a cup of coffee and read a book. The Van Piere¬†bookstore in Eindhoven has a nice coffee shop called ‘Coffeelovers’

Coffeelovers, Eindhoven

Coffeelovers, Eindhoven (also books)

Also IKEA, HEMA and the V&D, which are mainly product shops, have added food & drinks areas in their shops. Food & drinks just go with everything. Except when going to the bathroom…


What if there is a small-bite-buffet for when you have to wait for the bathroom? A very nice waiting room before entering the toilets with snacks of the restaurant or whatever place you are. When it is your turn for the toilet, you will be guided to the other room with the toilets. Because you don’t want to have the toilet odours in the waiting room.

What do you think of that idea?