Japan day 11: food bucket list

Yesterday I talked about a food bucket list and a reader asked what else there is on my list. The list didn’t exist (yet) on black and white, only in my head. So here is my food bucket list for Japan.

To eat:

– good sushi, tuna sashimi, salmon sashimi [✓ ate today]
– desserts from Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan
– tempura, fried stuff
– yakitori, meat on a stick [✓ ate today]
– chicken wings from Yamachan
– natto on rice, fermented soy beans

Already ate:

– Kobe beef
– onigiri from 7eleven
– flan from 7eleven
– curry bang
– ramen
– okonomiyaki
– takoyaki
– meat over rice, beef don
– udon
– shabu shabu, hotpot
– Coco curry
– Kura Sushi, win a toy
– ekiban, lunch box in the train

Good sushi

Today we finally ate sushi. It was at a small store near Nijo castle. When we arrived no one was there yet. So I have been able to film some sushi action. I will make a video about the restaurant, because the experiences were so pleasant.

Inside there were three old chefs. One chef could speak some English, so he took our order. Luckily the menu had photos. We picked a sushi set with tempura and one with a mini hot pot. Two chefs skillfully started making the sushi in front of us. And in the back the third chef was preparing the hot stuff.

The sushi was just perfect. Soft tuna with fluffy, light flavoured rice. Every sushi piece had the perfect mouthfeel and taste. There was a small bowl of rice with egg pancake slices, fish eggs, unagi and fish meat. The taste was so well balanced. Every bite was perfectly flavoured. The hot pot soup was also very good, sweet and salty. This has been one of my favorite food experience here in Japan. One chef also advised us how to eat the sushi, which sushi not to dip in the soysauce and how to eat the hotpot. Very nice of him to teach us some food culture.

Yakitori, meat on a stick

For dinner we had stick food. It was not that mind blowing. Just okay sticks. The chicken+leek was the best. I think we need to go to a better place to eat yakitori. So my food bucket list for Japan is almost done. Still 4 things I want to try.

Tomorrow: back to Tokyo. More ekiban on the train!

Restaurants I want to visit in Japan

I follow this lovely couple Simon and Martina on Youtube (“EatYourKimchi” now called “Simon and Martina”). Before they lived in South-Korea and shared their adventures and food stories from there. But about a year ago they moved to Japan and are now sharing their adventures from Japane. I am always very excited for their food adventures, because I love food. During the last year I have collected some restaurants videos from them, which I would like to visit. I think they also convinced me to go to Japan as the next big foodtrip. Aaah Japanese food <3

Well here is a video overview of the restaurants I am planning to visit. All information credits go to Eatyourkimchi.com. Thank you for that 😀

Iteamae Sushi Edo

Akasaka Minato Tokyo
東京都 港区 赤坂 3-9-2 No.R赤坂見附 1F

Wearing a yukata (summer kimono) and eat delicious food? Yay, sounds fun!


2-5-12 Higashi-Jujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo

I love meat on a stick and I am really curious about this place. Because the owner doesn’t let you make photos or video. Wow! Then he really has thought about it. Only come to eat the food and enjoy.

CoCo Curry

Lazy Bear loves curry, so let’s try the CoCo Curry in Japan. We also ate it in Bangkok, Thailand. But I think the taste will be different.


1F Maxi de Pia Building, 6-4-18 Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo 104-0061.

Simon&Martina: “Make a reservation by calling +81-3-6891-7711. Do it. DO IT~ It’s great! Tell them the pink haired Martina and Simon sent you. HAHA! DO IT~” Let’s do that then 🙂

Kura Sushi

kura-sushi << I have to look for this sushi place. You can use your plates as money coins to win a capsule toy.!!

Thailand day 12: MOCA 

Very tasty bibimbap. Best I have ever eaten outside of Korea. At Tudari in Terminal 21 mall.

Terminal 21 mall is awesome! It even has themed bathrooms xD. Sealife and bakery in the photo below. What an experience. Even the people working in the toilet were wearing a nice outfit.

MOCA museum, contemporary art. Hard to get to this place, because it’s next to a highway. But they are building a BTS Skytrain line next to it, so maybe next time it is easier to get there.

It had art from the artist of the White temple and Black House. Really nice exhibition, but there were almost no people.

Artist: (of Black House) Thawan Duchanee

So so sushi for dinner. Dutch salmon still tastes the best, it has more flavour.