Rotterdam restaurant tips

A friend asked for Rotterdam restaurant tips. So here it is:

Chinese cuisine:

Orient Pearl – Good for dimsum according to friends. Reserve beforehand, it can be busy in the weekend. Internet says the service is crap, but that is fast and efficient Chinese service. Just accept it.

Grand Garden – Good for dimsum and Chinese food.

Tai Wu – Good Chinese food according to parents and friends. I think it’s just good Chinese food. Authentic.

SanSan – Authentic Sichuan food. Tastes like China. Spicy dishes are the best here. “Three Spicy” is like burning/numbing the inside your mouth, even for me. But the food is delicious.

Kiroren Restaurant [blog story] – Authentic Xinjiang food. If you like meat, noodles, high flavoured food, visit Kiroren. They have delicious lamb and chicken dishes. (Halal)

Markthal, above Wah Nam Hong (Toko) –  There is a restaurant/shop above the Chinese supermarket. You can order different Asian dishes. Quite good if you want a quick lunch/bite.

Japanese cuisine:

Hinoki Noodle Shop [blog story] – Good ramen, good side dishes. Delicious rice bowl with chicken.

Takumi Düsseldorf Rotterdam [blog story] – Okay ramen, delicious side dishes. Try the chicken karage and fried mashed potato.

Shiki Sushi & Lounge – Higher quality all-you-can-eat sushi. The portions are a bit smaller, so you can try more different dishes. Ordering is done via a tablet. No social contact needed!

Ono Japanese Dining – High quality sushi a la carte. Atmosphere is too fancy pancy for us.

Other cuisines:

Firma Pickles Markthal – The best burgers I ever had in the Netherlands. Went to this place 3 times, every burger had such a good taste (wagyu, duck, pork belly). They have burgers made from all kinds of meats and fish. Also good wines, but I am not a wine person, so I can’t judge.

Loetje – Delicious steaks. Reservation recommended, it can be busy. We had to wait for about 1.5 hour for a seat O_O.


Round&Round [blog post] – Delicious soft, not too sweet cakes. Come here for desserts or relaxation at a sweet cafe. Blog post coming soon!

YoYo Fresh [blog post] – Bubble tea drinks. I always go for the Hong Kong milk tea with black pearls. The best!

After making this list, I realize, I mainly visit Asian restaurants in Rotterdam. Ah well, still a million non-Asian restaurant to visit in the future. That’s a good future. ^^

Enjoy the restaurants! And if you have any good restaurant tip, let me know!

Yokohama Ramen Saito ~ Authentic Japanese ramen in Schiedam

The most delicious authentic Japanese ramen in Schiedam? Yes, you read it well. Yokohama Ramen Saito has landed in this small city, next to big brother Rotterdam. Before my visit I was doubtful: “Will this be good ramen?” still remembering the average experiences at some other ramen shop…
BUT, I can conclude: you all need to visit my dear readers! It was so good! Here is the story…

First visit

The restaurant interior looks very simple, it reminds me of a snackbar. Inside the tables are almost all occupied. There is still one table free for us. We have a very good view into the open kitchen. Toshimi Saito is working hard on the dishes. So many big pots in the kitchen.

Chef working hard


Toshimi Saito (42) told me that the gods have send him to Schiedam. He once stayed in Schiedam in an AirBnb, there he fell in love with the small city. He saw the empty store on the corner of Parkweg next to water and windmills and he knew he wanted to start his noodle shop there. Now his adventure has started with Yokohama Ramen Saito. 

Toshimi Saito comes from Yokohama. Before coming to Schiedam he has worked in Japan for 10 years at a company which makes noodles the traditional way. There he learned all the different methods of making noodles. From his blog I also learned that he has a noodle machine which he is customizing to perfection.

Noodle machine. Courtesy of Toshimi Saito

The menu

The menu has several ramen dishes and side dishes. Toshimi Saito is still experimenting and expanding his menu. On the day we visited (12 July 2017) he offers: pork broth ramen (soy sauce/miso), chicken broth ramen (soy sauce/miso), vegetarian soup and tantan ramen (a bit spicy, chicken, garlic, egg).

It is also possible to customize your ramen the way you like it. You can choose the chew level of the noodles, the amount of sauce and the amount of oil. I found the ramen a bit too oily, so the next time I will choose less oil. Also if you are a big eater, you can order an extra portion of noodles. You can even change the sauce and soup after serving. What an excellence service!

The food

I ordered the Tonkastu soy sauce ramen, a pork broth. I wanted to experience the most general ramen soup and in my opinion that is the pork broth. Also I wanted no other taste makers than the broth and some soy sauce.

The pork broth soup is very thick and creamy. A bit too much oil for me when slurping the noodles, but afterwards when I drank all the soup (kanmaku), it didn’t feel oily at all. The taste is soft, not too salty, just enough taste. The noodles are a bit wider than I have eaten before, but I like it! You have more bite. The noodles are all freshly made with local ingredients. For example, the flour comes from the windmill across his restaurant.

The pork meat was so thick and soft. Usually you get one piece of pork meat, but since we had to wait for some time we got some extra meat. I loved the burned onion pieces in the soup. There are also some vegetables, but I wish the next time there is also bamboo, because I love bamboo. Good to know: they only use halal chicken.


The price is 9 euro per noodle dish. That is very cheap for the quality you get!
It is also possible to take out, but for now only non-soup items like gyoza, chashu rice and wok dishes. I like the fact that you can give your feedback about the food and other stuff. They keep on improving!

Quoting Lazy Bear:

“This was the best ramen I have ever eaten outside of Asia. I am coming back for more.”

Yes, we will… yes, we will…

Time for you guys to visit them. Let’s make this the most raging Japanese ramen shop from the Netherlands! 😀

Yokohama Ramen Saito
Parkweg 406, 3119 CV Schiedam
+31 (0)6 4112 9532


Tue – Sat 17:00-21:00
Mon & Sun Closed

Restaurant tips •

Hi guys!

I have made a Restaurant Tips page, where all the restaurant posts are categorized by city. They are mainly restaurants from the Netherlands, but also a few restaurants from other countries I have visited.

The Netherlands: Breda, Delft, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht

Other Countries: England – London, Germany – Düsseldorf, Thailand – Chiangmai, Swiss – Zürich


Dutch fries

Fries (or chips); delicious deep fried potato strips. Belgium is famous for their fat ‘Vlaamse frieten’, but did you know Dutch people can also make delicious fries? In this post I will share some places which serve delicious fries.

We have a lot of potatoes which we can transform into fries. Besides the fries, Dutch mayonnaise is also really delicious; sweet, creamy and a bit salty. That combo makes a winner.
We call it:
‘Frietje met’ = fries with… (mayonnaise)
‘Patatje oorlog’ = fries war, sometimes with peanut sauce
‘Patatje speciaal’ = fries with mayo, curry ketchup and onions

You can usually get your fries at a snack bar, but recently there are some hip spots which specializes in fries. I have not tried a lot hip places yet, but here is a small summary of my fries adventures.

My memorable fries places are:

Luc’s fries – Delft

The most basic fries; potato and mayo. The fries have the right crispiness and potato softness inside. The mayo is so good! Sweet. This is my favorite basic fries place.

Address: Pieterstraat 41, Delft

Pickles and Wine – Rotterdam (franchise)

This is a burger place, but their fries are also really good. Their fries are a bit smaller and thinner, there is some rosemary mixed with it, at least, I think it’s rosemary…. The first time I ate fries with rosemary was in London at Honest Burger (my first ever blog post!). It was so good!

Locations: Utrecht, Rotterdam, Scheveningen, Den Haag

Roast Chicken Bar – Delft (franchise)

This is a chicken place as the name suggests. There was a special fries dish topped with pulled chicken. The chicken had a sweet BBQ sauce which was so delicious. This combo wins, because of the pulled chicken. I have to apologize for the crappy mobile photo. Soon there will be new photos… They also had other interesting side dishes like homemade ‘appelmoes’ (apple sauce) and tomato chutney.

Addresses: Turfmarkt 26, Haarlem | Voldergracht 12, Delft


Other fries places, but not my favorite:

Bram Ladage (franchise)

I have eaten fries from this franchise only once. I can’t remember whether I liked it or not. Sorry, I can’t give a clear review about this place. But I often hear other people praising this franchise, so must be good.

Locations: Rotterdam, Schiedam, Capelle aan den IJssel, Vlaardingen, Ridderkerk, Hoogvliet, Oud-Beijerland, Delft, Spijkenisse, Zoetermeer, Rijswijk, Dordrecht, Gouda, Den Haag, Nieuwegein, Utrecht.
(so many locations!)

Friet District – Delft (franchise)

A hip fries place in Delft, original from Den Haag. I ordered fries and a burger. The burger had pulled pork with it, I didn’t really like it, but Lazy Bear did like it. Also with my fries I ordered lemon mayonnaise. That was not the best choice… Lemon goes great with desserts, but not with fries. The fries were good, not really special. (I think the lemon mayo messed up my fries experience.)

Addresses: Prinsestraat 73, Den Haag | Voldersgracht 4, Delft

Bik Frietwerk – Den Haag

Hip place in Den Haag. The interior of the restaurant is really nice. Bik Frietwerk offers fries with different toppings. I tried the Bik Hot Cheese fries from a friend, but the cheese was too gooey and filling for me, so I didn’t really like it. I still want to try some other toppings.

Address: Turfmarkt 228, Den Haag

There are much more good fries places, but this is it for now. Do you have any favorite fries place I need to try? Do share!

Have a lovely weekend!

PuiCk ~ Around the world food in Breda

PuiCk is a small and hip restaurant in Breda which will surprise you with their food.

About half a year ago I went there with Lazy Penguin and Lazy Sloth. I was attracted to the place, because it had swings behind the window and it looked quite cozy with all the plants.

Inside we found a vintage store with all different kinds of chairs, tables and lamps.

Against the walls is a cabinet with all kinds of different food in nice design packages. Everything is for sell, even the chairs, tables and lamps.

Menu & Food

On the menu there were a lot of foreign dishes. I was craving for some noodles, so I ordered the fried noodles. The other two buddies ordered a shared plate with bread and toppings. Too be honest, I didn’t expect much, because often when I eat Asian food at a non-Asian place, it is okay food. But THIS! This was exceptionally good! The right balance of sauce, sweetness, saltiness. And the toppings of Penguin and Sloth were so tasty! Chicken something, salmon, pulled pork, eggplant and a olive oil spread. It was awesome. (I have to apologize for the vague memories, but soon I will visit PuiCk again for fresh memories :))

Stir fried Indonesian noodles

Shared platter

By now they have a new menu. They serve soups, pita bread filled with deliciousness, fresh spring rolls, Lebanese flatbread, salads and more lunch dishes. I really have to go back and try out the new menu.


What I also find special, they serve insects on the menu. You could pick for the special shared plate with worms and grasshopper. When I paid for the meal at the desk, you could also try a worm instead of a mint. It tasted hollow and starchy; needs a bit more salt 😛

Visit them!

Veemarktstraat 56, 4811 ZJ Breda
+31 (0) 76 514 3755

Mon                Closed
Tue-Sat           11.00 – 17.00
Sun                 13.00 – 16.00

Äpelschlaat – potato specialties in Düsseldorf

Our visit

It was an early Thursday in Düsseldorf, (11:00am) and the Vietnamese restaurant we wanted to visit was not open yet (it opened at 12:00am).

There are a lot of Pacman ghosts in Düsseldorf

In the search for a good brunch place we found Äpelschlaat, a place which looked hip and organic from the outside.

Inside, the interior had a farm feeling: wooden tables, hay decoration, light green tones and a rough brick wall. They also have an open counter / kitchen area where they prepare the food. Yes, this place looks promising, we will brunch here!

Since Lazy Pingu and I still wanted to lunch after the brunch we ordered 1 potato chicken dish and 1 small salad. We also ordered a homemade elderflower lemonade, made by themselves. When the food came, it looked so colorful!

The potato was warm, chunky, savory and delicious. A bite with shredded chicken, some greens, nuts and the red sauce was yummy! It was served with a big dot of sour cream at the side, but I preferred it without. Although my need to create a perfect bite, made me keep putting sour cream on the potato. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
The salad was simple; fresh veggies and quinoa with a sour dressing.

Menu and price

Click on the menu to see the other side on their website. The prices range from 6-8 euro per potato dish and they offer vegetarian and vegan food. The amount you get for 1 potato dish can be shared by two people.

photo from


One of the owners, Carsten Reiners, told us that he wanted to introduce the potato more to the people, since meat plays a big role in German dishes, he wants to bring the potato more into the spotlight. An ingredient which often goes together with the meat dishes.

On the menu there are different combinations of potato with meat or grilled vegetables and other toppings. The name Äpelschlaat is Dusseldorf dialect, which means potato salad, if I understood correctly from the owner. Normally “kartoffel salat” means potato salad in German.

All the ingredients which they use are from farmers and suppliers in the region. There is a wall with all the people who are responsible for the ingredients. Also the grandmother helps making the cake!

It was a lovely visit. If you are ever in the neighborhood, visit them!

Visit them!

Friedrichstraat 120
40217 Düsseldorf, Germany
T: +49.211 171 22 399

Mon-Sat                11:00-20:00
Sun & holidays      closed

Japanese food in Düsseldorf

I took a week off from work and went to Düsseldorf with Lazy Penguin to eat good food. Food trip! Today we ate a lot of Japanese food.


We had to try the original Takumi. Review: they have better ramen broths than in Rotterdam. They had a pork bone soup, so tasty! And my miso ramen was also well-seasoned, not too salty. The amount of noodles was also good, a bit less than other places, just enough for me. Side dishes were so so here, good, but Rotterdam’s were more “wow”. (I will update this post later with more photos from my big camera)
Takumi rating: 7.5/10


In the evening we went to Yaki-The-Emon, suggested by a friend of Lazy Penguin. This was a drinking/side dishes/yakitori (food on a stick) restaurant. We were still quite full from the lunch, so choosing small dishes was a better idea than a big meal.

Yaki really surprised us, every dish was really ‘new’ to us. Interesting tastes and textures. A ceasar salad grilled on the grill, a grilled eggplant with miso sauce, salmon sashimi, okra wrapped in beef, and beef stew with root veggies 🌈. Mmm. The interior design was in the style of a drinking/eating place in Japan. Really nice atmosphere. 🙂 The waiters at both places were very friendly.

Yaki rating: 8,5/10
We might go back to Yaki to try more dishes.

We saw some other cuisines we want to try: Vietnamese food, Korean BBQ and Korean shaved ice. Yes, that is mainly Asian food.