Your wish-dish at your favorite restaurant

Bad at cooking?

Making someone’s favorite food is showing love. What if you are not that good of a cook, but you still want to serve someone’s favorite food. What to do then?

💡 Cooking service!

What if restaurants offer a service where you can let them make a dish of your choice. You can also choose your own favorite dish, but the idea here is that you let the chef make something your friend likes. Sharing some love yo!

But what about the ingredients? The restaurant might not have the stuff you want to make. Or even worse, they don’t know how to make it. But assuming they have master-fast-learning skills, they can use a recipe.

So the restaurant would need:
– Ingredients (the restaurant can buy it beforehand, or the customer brings the ingredients)
– The recipe (from the internet or from the customer)

Does a cooking service exist already?

Maybe it’s too much effort for the restaurant to make something new or it takes too long to make something off-menu.

On the internet I can find restaurants where you can cook your own food. Like Korean BBQ or making dakgalbi; DYI-restaurants. But that’s not really what I was looking for.

DYI Korean BBQ

Going on…
Oh wow, there are already websites offering a chef who will come to your house and cook! Hire A Awesome! Then my “MacDonalds home cook service” idea has sort of come true. On a side note, according to my friends, MacDonalds in the Netherlands will soon have home delivery service! Burger King is already offering home delivery service in Den Haag and Emmen.
Hire a chef does solve the problem of making someone’s favorite food though.. but I want to take the concept to the restaurant! Nanananana (batman transition sound)

There was a trend in 2013 with Bringing Your Own Food (BYOF) in the USA at bars where they don’t serve food. At those places you can drink and have food delivered to the place. But that’s also not really what I have in mind. So I think my idea doesn’t really exist yet. Or it has been done and failed. Who knows..

The Concept

What if there is a website for sharing this kind of service. Customers will post their wish-dish and restaurants can bid on a dish, the customer can then choose from different restaurants.

Or the other way around; the customer picks his favorite restaurant and suggest a wish-dish. The restaurant needs to say yes and schedule a date.

Steal this idea

I really wonder what restaurants will think of this idea. Is it feasible? Would they like to offer this kind of service? I am thinking of asking a few restaurants and see what they think (user research!). Also would people want this kind of service??? I also have no idea. Would you like this kind of idea?

The idea can be developed more by focusing on the surprise part. What kind of nice surprises can be added to the restaurant trip? How to make it even more special?

Dear Restaurant owners, feel free to use this idea and develop it further. I am really curious how it would work out in the real world. Have a good weekend!

Good and bad things of a restaurant

I have developed the habit of analyzing the restaurant I am visiting. Not sure if that is such a good habit, since I am not very sociable then: observing the room and looking, smelling, thinking about stuff and making photos of the interior.

Over time I have collected a list of things I think are good (designed) and things which can have some improvements. Today’s post will be about the:

“Good and bad things of a restaurant”

I am thinking of creating a big list, so people can use it to create an awesome restaurant experience. I will explain some points with a story and maybe some photos. This “Good and bad things of a restaurant” is a work in progress. At the moment I don’t really have an idea in what kind of format I can bring this. So I will just do something and go with flow.


~ Privacy behind plants ~


De Kurk in Delft

When you are on a romantic date it’s nice to have some privacy. In this restaurant (De Kurk – Delft) they have big plants to hide behind.

~ Good lighting ~

For atmosphere & taking photos


As a foodblogger I am also one of those annoying persons who have to make millions of photos of all the food, before the rest can eat. But what annoys me is that the light is often dimmed in the evening. Okay, it’s romantic.. but I want to see my pretty food when I eat it. So give me light! (and also to make better lighted food porn photos :D)

Tips from pros: bring your food dish to a window or more in the sun, so you have natural good light. But that’s only during the day.

I was thinking that there should be a restaurant specially dedicated to those food porn lovers. Every table has their own studio area: moveable lights, nice decorations, camera stand… I discussed this idea with some colleagues and one person doesn’t like these food photographers at all. So for the allergic people we have a special area without all the studio stuff.

~ Black walls ~


Umami by Han in Eindhoven

In the restaurant Umami by Han in Eindhoven they have painted the walls in the wardrobe area black. It fitted the restaurant interior (which is lovely), but I thought it was also a subtle way to hide the jackets. They also have the good service of taking your jacket and hanging it for you.

~ Graphic design ~

The Black Fox in Nijmegen

The Black Fox in Nijmegen

Personally I enjoy menus, logo’s and interior graphics which are designed well. That means someone has thought about them. It’s a shame that some menus have pictures from the internet which are pixelated. Bad looking menus doesn’t mean the food is not good, but it’s nice to get a good feeling about every aspect in a restaurant.

The menu is an very important part of the restaurant experience. It is usually the first thing people will look at. If it is not understandable you have already lost your first impression. In the future I will dedicate a post about menus.


~ Crackling floor ~


I have been to a few places that had (loose) wooden floors, which crack when people walk over it. You can feel the shockwaves of their steps. It is like a mini earthquake while eating.

~ Smoke ghost ~


I was so disappointed when I was having a nice dinner at a restaurant and a smoker came inside after smoking. All the smoke from outside came into the restaurant. What is the point of smoking outside then?! The restaurant should have thought of a way to prevent this. Double doors or a curtain at the entrance. Or better smoking facilities outside.

That is the list for now. In the future when I encounter more good/bad things, I will post something new or update this one.

Have a good weekend!handtekening