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A big project: Food = Love

These weekly blogs about a restaurant visit, a recipe, a drawing with a story are fun and all. But I miss brainstorming and researching about food, creating some new ground in the food world. An innovating concept, an awesome idea, so people can steal it and realize it. Besides writing the normal small stories, I […]

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53 posts in 2016

In 2016 I started blogging on a weekly regular base. In the beginning it was hard to keep posting something every week, because I don’t feel the pressure of a deadline. So there are some months which only have two posts in stead of 4 or 5. In total I have posted 53 posts in 2016. That is […]

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Fatter logo

My original logo was a bit too skinny, so I have fattened it a little bit. Also made piggie round again. Squire pig just doesn’t feel right. This new logo also feels more like me, playful and happy. The old font was too skinny and fancy for me. Plus some eyes for piggie  🙂

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