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stages of fasting

Day 2 of fasting

Killing time by writing this post It’s 20:09 and I am waiting to eat at 21:37. I just killed some time by watching Food YouTubers. They are eating delicious shrimps, gimbaps, fishcake. AAAHHHH!!! Being to able to eat whenever you want is just such a blessing. The fasting is also meant for realizing what poor […]

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toko haul

Trip to the toko (Amazing Oriental)

So here is the long anticipated video about my toko trip: Watch on Youku I went to Amazing Oriental to buy Japanese ramen, green veggies, mochi ball, lo han guo and vinegar. I always need to have some instant ramen in my house and I was running out. This new instant ramen is from Nissin […]

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Recipe: LazyPigPassion instant noodles

Today I craved for some instant ramen. But I didn’t have any at home, so I had to go out of my cave and buy them. I was so happy to eat instant ramen again, so I am sharing my go-to ramen recipe. Ingredients: a package of instant ramen, tomato (for red coloring), spring onion […]

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