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Hongkong supermarket

I always love to explore supermarkets abroad. To see what kind of special food they sell and the pretty package designs they have. In Hongkong I enjoyed looking at all the food stuff in the supermarkets. Here is a small collection of things I found interesting. We visited a fancy supermarket which sells products from […]
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Recipe: Lemon honey tea

From Cantonese friends and Hongkong I learned about Honey Lemon tea (or Lemon Honey tea). It tastes like ice tea, but hot and there is no tea used. You can also drink it cold, then it tastes like ice tea.xD It’s quite simple to make: You can make a big honey/lemon pot and enjoy it […]
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When in Hongkong eat Pineapple Bun!

What is this strange giraffe bun? It’s a pineapple bun! There is no pineapple used in this bread, but the shell looks like the skin of a pineapple. Though my picture looks like a giraffe skin and the photo is more like a turtle. This bun exists out of sweet white bread, topped with a cookie […]
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Hongkong Day 3: Buddha and Dimsum

When going to Hongkong one thing you should always eat is dimsum. Dimsum (點心) means little dishes. People often eat it in Guangzhou and Hongkong. Dimsum originates from the Cantonese. History Long long time ago travellers on the Silk road would stop at Tea houses to drink tea and relax. Before an imperial doctor said […]
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Chinese zombie

This was a coctail at SOHOFAMA. A hip restaurant in Soho area in Hongkong. It was a night full with coctails. Too bad the coctails’ tastes didn’t fit with my tongue palate. The visual however was beautiful. Like this Chinese Zombie, including a fire show burning the sugar. 

Day 2: Desserts in Hongkong

Did you know in Hongkong they have their own “going out” version. Instead of going to a bar and drink beer, they go to a dessert place and eat dessert. Getting drunk on sweets. They have a lot of different desserts available: creampuffs, mochi ice, whole shops dedicated to desserts. On the second day in Hongkong […]
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Hong kong 2016 | day 1 Flying

The first day was mainly travelling. We first flew 10 hours to Xiamen, from there we had a 1.15 hour flight to Hongkong. In the airplane we enjoyed movies from different countries. I watched X-men Apocalypse and Alice through the looking glass, with sudden sleep attacks. I recommend bringing own (good quality) earphones, since the […]
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Hongkong 2016 | Visiting friends

Last week Lazy Pig went to Hongkong with Lazy Pingu and Lazy Bear. We went there to visit Lazy Panda! Lazy Panda works and lives in Hongkong and she showed us the little treasures of Hongkong. Also another friend, Lazy Chinchilla (she looks a bit like Totoro) came from Guangzhou to visit us. So happy to […]
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