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Real food diary + rant

So I started a real food diary a week ago. I want to know what I eat everyday, because it feels like I am cooking less and less. (More and more ordering food.) This diary is a nice outlet to draw roughly, not caring too much about looking pretty. As long it’s clear what the […]
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Food diary #4 (dec’17/jan’18)

December and January (till now) have been great food months. I didn’t realize it, but man! I ate a lot of delicious stuff. Time to share with the rest of the world. Watch and salivate. There is an excellent Korean BBQ restaurant in Tilburg. This is the bibimbap they served. It tasted so good! It […]
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Food diary #3 (week 36, 2017)

One and Two | A fun week this week, because Lazy Chinchilla was visiting! Remember the sweet totoro-look-a-like from Guangzhou? Well she was in the Netherlands again with her mother, to visit the old friends. And what is the best way to visit friends? With food of course! We had a lovely pizza party at […]
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Food diary #2 ~ dentist and kimchi ramyun

Banana milk Today I went to the dentist to remove a second wisdom teeth, too much wisdom in my mouth. Now my mouth is tired and still a little numb. Can’t chew, too much effort. So I made a banana smoothie. Smooth and sweet. Recommended for when you can’t chew. Babies like it too. I […]
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Food diary #1

This week I am trying something new. Since I didn’t have a lot of time to make a restaurant post, blog story or recipe post, I will share my food stories of last week. Goji lemonade I got some very tasty goji berries from China. They are like raisins if you eat them from the […]
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