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Food Trends: coffee shops

I live in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe where Amsterdam is the capital. We have a lot of cows, cheese, windmills, tulips and legal drugs. To get all the stereotypical things out there. I will write a series of posts about the food trends I have been noticing in the Netherlands. Back-story: When I […]

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Fatter logo

My original logo was a bit too skinny, so I have fattened it a little bit. Also made piggie round again. Squire pig just doesn’t feel right. This new logo also feels more like me, playful and happy. The old font was too skinny and fancy for me. Plus some eyes for piggie  🙂

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What is food design?

I want to know what food design means. Not only making the food look pretty on a plate, but everything around it. With industrial design skills in my mind, I want to understand the user experience of food and everything related to food. So first, let’s define: food design If you look at food from […]

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