(Video) Haring – Dutch Delights ▶

I am starting a new video series: Dutch Delights, starting with ‘haring’ as first delight. All these Asian countries have their delicious traditional dish, like Japan with ramen, China with dumplings, Vietnam with pho. But the Netherlands doesn’t really have typical dish where you would go to a restaurant for. Okay, they have ‘hutspot‘ and […]

Dutch fries

Fries (or chips); delicious deep fried potato strips. Belgium is famous for their fat ‘Vlaamse frieten’, but did you know Dutch people can also make delicious fries? In this post I will share some places which serve delicious fries. We have a lot of potatoes which we can transform into fries. Besides the fries, Dutch […]

Dutch Gems: Drop aka Licorice

My favorite candy in the world is licorice, in Dutch “drop”.  Drop is something you have to get used to, it tastes salty, sweet, bitter? I don’t know, it just tastes like drop. Drop is something you will encounter when you live in the Netherlands. I grew up with drop. When I went to China […]

Swiss food?

In the near future I will be going to Swiss for a holiday with friends. We were planning what to do there and while I was looking at sightseeing spots I was thinking: what kind of food do they have there? What is typical Swiss food? I found some cat and dog photos while Googling […]