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Back from Taiwan

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Lazy letter week 32

Day 2 of fasting

Killing time by writing this post It’s 20:09 and I am waiting to eat at 21:37. I just killed some time by watching Food YouTubers. They are eating delicious shrimps, gimbaps, fishcake. AAAHHHH!!! Being to able to eat whenever you want is just such a blessing. The fasting is also meant for realizing what poor […]
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Japan travel diary 2017 ~ start

Tomorrow we are finally going to Japan! I have waited a year for this. I have watched million Youtube videos about Japan, to see what kind food to eat and what kind of fun things to do. Finally.. I will be experiencing it myself! I will try to post something everyday, so be prepared for […]
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Hongkong 2016 | Visiting friends

Last week Lazy Pig went to Hongkong with Lazy Pingu and Lazy Bear. We went there to visit Lazy Panda! Lazy Panda works and lives in Hongkong and she showed us the little treasures of Hongkong. Also another friend, Lazy Chinchilla (she looks a bit like Totoro) came from Guangzhou to visit us. So happy to […]
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