Japan travel diary 2017 ~ start

Tomorrow we are finally going to Japan! I have waited a year for this. I have watched million Youtube videos about Japan, to see what kind food to eat and what kind of fun things to do.

Finally.. I will be experiencing it myself!
I will try to post something everyday, so be prepared for an overload of blog posts, kawaii stuff and food.

Look, I am this happy:

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I am very curious about all the good food. Will every meal be a mind blown experience? What is this umami I often hear about? Well I asked Google and it’s like a rounded, rich and savory taste. Ingredients which have been cooked or cured for a long time get this umami. I think it’s when the Chinese describe food as 香 (xiang1)… In the future I will research umami more, because it makes food taste so good!
For now, have a lovely Friday and talk to you in the next post.

Hongkong 2016 | Visiting friends


Last week Lazy Pig went to Hongkong with Lazy Pingu and Lazy Bear. We went there to visit Lazy Panda! Lazy Panda works and lives in Hongkong and she showed us the little treasures of Hongkong. Also another friend, Lazy Chinchilla (she looks a bit like Totoro) came from Guangzhou to visit us. So happy to see old friends again!

We saw a lot of things there and ate so many delicious things. Today this story will be a small introduction. Later I will share more photos of all the food and trip stuff.

We had 6 days to eat, play and shop. Average temperature was about 25-30 degree Celsius. 18 degree Celsius inside with air condition. I really had to get used to the warm, sticky warmness and icy cold aircon from indoor. I had a light jacket which I put on and off. When walking into the subway I put my jacket on, when walking out, I put it off. Great concept.

All the food in Hongkong was so good. Especially all Chinese food was the best I can ever eat. You just can’t find that good of Chinese food outside China. (Dah..) My mouth was so happy ^_^.

Compared to Mainland China, Hongkong is cleaner. For example, the toilets are cleaner and have better quality doors and toilet seats.
It smells better, less garbage smell outside. People shower more often according to Lazy Panda. Yes, we smelled it. Or actually didn’t smell it. Some people use cologne or perfume. I like it.

Hongkong was less busy than Shanghai on his busiest. The metro was still okay around 17:00 and outside you can find areas with almost no people.

There are so many shopping malls in Hongkong. It really is shopping heaven. We visited Langham Place Shopping mall three times. It has an interesting interior; a very long escalator which brings you to the top of the mall. Then you can take the stairs down and walk by sweet little shops. There was so much trendy clothing, bags, cute stuff and things I all want, but don’t need.


That’s it for now. More stories coming on Friday.

Good night! enjoy