T&C Haus ~ Taiwanese food and dessert heaven in Den Haag

Mango dessert heaven and crispy savory fried chicken? Yes please! You can find it all at T&C Haus. This time we try some Taiwanese food and desserts in Den Haag.


Once upon a time there were two brothers, Chong Lau and Tony Lau. They went to Taiwan and enjoyed the delicious food in eat cafes. They liked the eat cafe style and wanted to bring it to the Netherlands. With their background as chef (Chong) and pastry chef (Tony) they joined hands and created the T&C Haus in Den Haag!

“T&C” stands for “Tony and Chong” or “Taiwanese Cafe” or “Tea and Coffee”… whatever you prefer.
“Haus”; the brothers Lau originate from Germany and this way they keep a bit of ‘home’ in the name. Also the whole family helps at T&C Haus. When you look at their logo you can see the character 台(Tai), which looks like a little house. A well thought through logo.

I also have to praise them for their interior, it just perfect and well balanced for the eye. The colors, chairs, decoration and light is just perfect. I especially love their clock!

The food

The noodles are nice and firm. The taste of the soup is quite light, but very tasty. It’s a good warm meal. The first time I tried the fried chicken, it was soooo good! Thin, soft, but a crispy layer. Nice and salty, juicy soft chicken… It’s like, wow! how do you get chicken breast this soft!? The second time I ate it, it was less wow, because it had cooled down. That’s the downside of making a foodvlog. Your food becomes cold T^T.

The desserts were really good. Not overly sweet. My favorite was matcha tiramisu. The mango cake is really an explosion of taste, as you might have seen with Lazy Penguin. Again, the dessert visuals are also a feast for the eye. So beautiful :3

Cake service

It’s also possible to order a personalized cake at T&C Haus. You can select your favorite ingredients and Tony will create a cake for you. Tony has a background in patisserie and creates the most stunning cakes for birthdays, weddings and other cake occasions. Check out their Facebook photos for the pieces of art.


Our dinner was around 70 euro for 3 persons. We had 3 noodle sets, 2 side dishes, 2 desserts (+free dessert) and 4 drinks. The drinks are also very good! Of course they have Taiwanese bubble tea and the mocha frappé was really yummy.

Visit them!

T&C Haus
Herengracht 48, 2511 EJ, Den Haag
tc-haus.nl    Facebook

Sun-Tue    12:00-21:30
Wed           Closed
Thu-Sat     12:00-22:00

Seoul Garden ~ Korean food in Den Haag

I wanted to go back to my roots of Lazy Pig Passion and create an idea or concept for a restaurant. So today I choose to design something for Seoul Garden in Den Haag.

This lovely home-feel restaurant serves Korean food: Korean BBQ, bibimbap, nice side dishes. My photos of the food were not sharp enough, so I will make better photos the next time I visit them and share them here. The taste is quite good. It tasted like the food I had in South-Korea. I was really satisfied.

I read some reviews saying that the interior is bad, but don’t you understand that is the whole point of the style? Home feeling with a interesting wall. Just look at this:


So cozy right?

The service is a bit slow, but that is because it’s always packed. And they need to serve a lot of side dishes to everyone. If you would have seen our table. It was crowded with little dishes with kimchi, cucumber, potato matchsticks, meat, rice, mmm… Okay, I will share a blurry photo:


In the drawing, you see the mister in the top left? He is the host. A silent but happy ahjussi. The first time I entered he was there smiling. I wasn’t sure whether he was a customer or an employee, but then we started talking and he led me to my table. At the end of our dinner we got a handwritten check and we paid with cash. They accept cash and creditcard.

This place is really like a South-Korean BBQ place. After eating, your clothes and hair will smell like BBQ. Too bad we don’t have those anti-BBQ sprays in the Netherlands.

So today I actually wanted to make a new logo for them, but it became a drawing of their interior. Hope you guys like it, and if the owners of Seoul Garden want the picture. Let me know, I can send you the file.

Visit them!

Seoul Garden
Bagijnestraat 8
2511 CK Den Haag
+31 (0)70-365.0602 (make a reservation to avoid waiting)


Tue – Sat    17:30-21:30
Mon & Sun   Closed