Nijmegen coffee and lunch tips

Hey food lovers!

Lazy Penguin here. Lazy Piggie asked me to write about the culinary treats of Nijmegen. Pheeew. That’s quite the challenge, because there’s a loooot to taste in this lovely city! Well, here goes. Let’s start with the coffee and lunch places.

De blonde pater

Consistently excellent.

Well-known and always bustling with people, I just can’t fault de blonde pater. Consistently excellent coffee and food, friendly service, located in my favourite street in Nijmegen (Langehezelstraat) and very fair prices. If you want to try the tried and tested lunchbar in Nijmegen with no margin for error, go here.
Recommended drinks:
If you like your coffee a lot, like, you like it to be a lot, try the ‘espropress’. French-pressed coffee enough to fill your entire coffee-craving mug. Also try their eight treasure tea. There’s nothing quite like it.
Recommended Food:
Everything is good. Seriously. Everything. If I had to choose one thing though, try the ‘pater deli’ for a real treat. A mountain of thinly sliced marinated meat on a bun, you simply can’t go wrong.

Sid en Liv

Well made sandwiches and coffee in your- uhhh… Their living room.

This cosy lunchroom wins the price for bringing your home to a cafe. With an idyllic garden behind the cafe, this is the place to go if you like your cafes with a intimate, warm atmosphere.
Recommended drinks:
They have a great selection of teas- dare I say the best in Nijmegen I tasted? Yes I do.
Recommended Food:
Their ‘flammkuchen’, an imported food from our German neighbours, are a delight and quite unique in Nijmegen. I also loved their hot dog for its well-balanced flavours. All food is recommended though.


Scandanavion delights.

A unique concept in Nijmegen: choose two smaller sandwiches to complete a lunch meal. I simply adore this concept. You mean I get to try more food?! Yes please. The interior is sober yet stylish, Scandinavian style. Just a lovely cafe.
Recommended drinks:
In my memory nothing really stood out. Just try whatever!

Recommended foods:
Who cares?! Just mix and match and try different things with your lunch partner for maximum taste variety! (I liked the carpaccio with truffle mayo, but I’m a sucker for truffle. Go for your gut feeling. Get it? :D)

This was the lunch part, more tips coming soon..

Food Trends: coffee shops

I live in the Netherlands, a small country in Europe where Amsterdam is the capital. We have a lot of cows, cheese, windmills, tulips and legal drugs. To get all the stereotypical things out there.

I will write a series of posts about the food trends I have been noticing in the Netherlands.

Back-story: When I was doing my industrial design bachelor at Eindhoven I had a very cool teacher for a very fun course. It was called trend watching or something similar to that. The teacher taught us to create our own design methods and to observe trends by going to a lot of conferences or events. “Go out there! Observe and analyse!” I really admired her, because she is a good talker and she had created her own job at a industrial design company by just doing her stuff ‘trend watching’ and they created a new position for her. That’s really awesome: doing your stuff, people like it and they want to pay for it. Hopefully I can create that one day.

Back to the trends in the Netherlands… It will be mostly based on things I like, because that is more fun to write about. First trend is…

Coffee shops!

Finally I see them more in the Netherlands. Those cute, hip, trendy coffee shops which I first saw in China and South-Korea.

Did you know: In the Netherlands the word ‘coffee shop’ is also used for bars where you can legally buy soft drugs. So if you are talking about ‘coffee shops’ in the Netherlands you are usually talking about those places. But I will use the name ‘coffee shop’ for coffee & tea places, because most people OUTSIDE the Netherlands will understand.

There are franchise coffee shops like Coffee Company, Douwe Egberts Café, Bagel & Beans and Starbucks. There are much more individual cute coffee shops. A few which I have visited:

The Living, Delft

The Living, Delft (also food)

Hills & Mills, Delft

Hills & Mills, Delft (also food)

Kek, Delft

Kek, Delft (also lunch)

CoffeeLab, Eindhoven

CoffeeLab, Eindhoven (only coffee & tea!)

I still want to visit Round&Round in Rotterdam. Created by two senior industrial design classmates. They started with selling soft fluffy cake roles.

Hmm.. I have to say most coffee shops are not only selling beverages and sweets, but they also sell dinner or design products. Maybe only selling coffee or tea would not be enough to earn money? Or maybe it’s because Dutch people don’t go out with friends to only sit in a café. They also want to do some activity? Shopping.. eating..

Books & café

Another trend is cafés in book stores. When buying a book, maybe you want to relax with a cup of coffee and read a book. The Van Piere bookstore in Eindhoven has a nice coffee shop called ‘Coffeelovers’

Coffeelovers, Eindhoven

Coffeelovers, Eindhoven (also books)

Also IKEA, HEMA and the V&D, which are mainly product shops, have added food & drinks areas in their shops. Food & drinks just go with everything. Except when going to the bathroom…


What if there is a small-bite-buffet for when you have to wait for the bathroom? A very nice waiting room before entering the toilets with snacks of the restaurant or whatever place you are. When it is your turn for the toilet, you will be guided to the other room with the toilets. Because you don’t want to have the toilet odours in the waiting room.

What do you think of that idea?