Rotterdam restaurant tips

A friend asked for Rotterdam restaurant tips. So here it is:

Chinese cuisine:

Orient Pearl – Good for dimsum according to friends. Reserve beforehand, it can be busy in the weekend. Internet says the service is crap, but that is fast and efficient Chinese service. Just accept it.

Grand Garden – Good for dimsum and Chinese food.

Tai Wu – Good Chinese food according to parents and friends. I think it’s just good Chinese food. Authentic.

SanSan – Authentic Sichuan food. Tastes like China. Spicy dishes are the best here. “Three Spicy” is like burning/numbing the inside your mouth, even for me. But the food is delicious.

Kiroren Restaurant [blog story] – Authentic Xinjiang food. If you like meat, noodles, high flavoured food, visit Kiroren. They have delicious lamb and chicken dishes. (Halal)

Markthal, above Wah Nam Hong (Toko) –  There is a restaurant/shop above the Chinese supermarket. You can order different Asian dishes. Quite good if you want a quick lunch/bite.

Japanese cuisine:

Hinoki Noodle Shop [blog story] – Good ramen, good side dishes. Delicious rice bowl with chicken.

Takumi Düsseldorf Rotterdam [blog story] – Okay ramen, delicious side dishes. Try the chicken karage and fried mashed potato.

Shiki Sushi & Lounge – Higher quality all-you-can-eat sushi. The portions are a bit smaller, so you can try more different dishes. Ordering is done via a tablet. No social contact needed!

Ono Japanese Dining – High quality sushi a la carte. Atmosphere is too fancy pancy for us.

Other cuisines:

Firma Pickles Markthal – The best burgers I ever had in the Netherlands. Went to this place 3 times, every burger had such a good taste (wagyu, duck, pork belly). They have burgers made from all kinds of meats and fish. Also good wines, but I am not a wine person, so I can’t judge.

Loetje – Delicious steaks. Reservation recommended, it can be busy. We had to wait for about 1.5 hour for a seat O_O.

Meram – Turkish cuisine. Really delicious meat dishes. Ask for recommendations to taste all the authentic food.


Round&Round [blog post] – Delicious soft, not too sweet cakes. Come here for desserts or relaxation at a sweet cafe. Blog post coming soon!

YoYo Fresh [blog post] – Bubble tea drinks. I always go for the Hong Kong milk tea with black pearls. The best!

After making this list, I realize, I mainly visit Asian restaurants in Rotterdam. Ah well, still a million non-Asian restaurant to visit in the future. That’s a good future. ^^

Enjoy the restaurants! And if you have any good restaurant tip, let me know!

Hongkong Day 3: Buddha and Dimsum


When going to Hongkong one thing you should always eat is dimsum. Dimsum (點心) means little dishes. People often eat it in Guangzhou and Hongkong. Dimsum originates from the Cantonese.


Long long time ago travellers on the Silk road would stop at Tea houses to drink tea and relax. Before an imperial doctor said that eating food with tea would increase your weight, but later it turned out that tea helps digesting your food better. Especially oily food. I imagine it as tea fluid will trap oil pools in your stomach and break it apart in small pieces… So the Tea house owners eventually added small snacks to the tea which is now the dimsum and yamcha ( 飲茶). Thank you Tea house owners, for this lovely way of eating.

Hongkong dimsum adventure

So of course when we were in Hongkong we also ate dimsum! On the third day we and Lazy Chinchilla went to the big Buddha on Lantau Island. You can take a cable car via the other island. The floor of the cable car was made of glass so we could admire the broccoli trees beneath us. It was also possible to hike to the Buddha, but a bit too long for lazy us. Since we were also planning to have dimsum after the visit.

dimsumhk-09 dimsumhk-10

At the metro station Ngong Ping there was a big outlet mall with a dimsum restaurant, called Federal Palace. The restaurant was quite busy. Filled with families having their lunch. The place had chandeliers and round white clothed tables. A waiter took us to a spot on the second floor. After picking some nice dishes from the photo menu we could finally eat the good stuff! And I was not disappointed.

The Zhaliang 炸两 (long white flabby thing) was the best I have ever had. It is a fried dough (油条) wrapped with think rice noodle layer. This zhaliang had little shrimps in the skin. The sauce is a bit sweeter than in The Netherlands and the dough was sowww crispy! AAHH just the best. We ordered an extra one of course. The rest of the food was also just perfect.

Fun little story about our waiter: when we got the check which was 311 HK dollar, my friend put 500 dollar in the booklet. But the waiter didn’t move, he was just pointing at something, he was showing a page under the bill. It already the change money for 500 HK dollar. So smart and efficient ^^.


Dimsum in the Netherlands

Luckily we don’t need to go to Hongkong or Guangdong for good dimsum. There are some good places in the Netherlands too. Follow the Chinese to eat the good stuff.

~ Den Haag ~

Kee Lun Kok, Wagenstraat 95, Den Haag

(wow, I guess when the restaurant is so good, you don’t even need a website) 

Konotori / Ming Dynastie, Spui 170 Den Haag

~ Rotterdam ~

Orient Pearl, Kruiskade 72-76, Rotterdam

Oh, I see more Chinese restaurants don’t have websites.

Grand Garden, Aert van Nesstraat 4, Rotterdam

There are much more good places, but I feel lazy to mention them all. Try these places first and when you need new recommendations, let me know. Also let me know if you know some good places.
Have a good weekend! enjoy

Kiroren Restaurant ~ Xinjiang food in Rotterdam

china map-05

A new Xinjiang restaurant has emerged in Rotterdam: Kiroren Restaurant. They opened on 8 August 2016. I visited their restaurant on their 20th day. It is located near the Beurs in Rotterdam. china map-01

Google maps says: Xinjiang, an autonomous territory in northwest China, is a vast region of deserts and mountains. It’s home to many ethnic minority groups, including the Turkic Uyghur people. 

My father comes from the Xinjiang area, so I am quite familiar with Xinjiang food. I was quite excited to hear about this new place.


china map-06

The brother Shirali Tursun and Ahmatjan Tursun are from Urumiqi (乌鲁木齐). They saw there wasn’t any Xinjiang restaurant in the Netherlands yet. There were a few in Germany, London and America, but not in the Netherlands. So they started their own restaurant. They have a chef, Kaysar Sirajialin, who has practiced 30 years of cooking and 10 of those years in Beijing in the Xinjiang cuisine. Now he is cooking for Kiroren Restaurant in Rotterdam.

The brothers have a famous whole-lamb-recipe from Xinjiang from the father in law and they use it now to make their chicken. It also includes a delicious sauce. Too bad it was already sold out for the day when I visited the place. Their lamb is very tender. They receive lamb meat from the butcher farm, so it is extra fresh, since it hasn’t been cooled for a very long time. And it is cheaper, 6 euro per kilo!

The food

We ordered some of the dishes we often eat: Mapo tofu, shiss kebab (lamb on a stick 羊肉串), pulled noodles and meat, “big plate of chicken”(大盘鸡). Aah, just take a look at the photos and the names: 

The lamb meat was so nice! And we got a lot of big pieces of lamb on a stick. My father often makes lamb on a stick, but he said these were very good. They had a special herb in them. In the future I will post the famous lamb recipe from my father. I liked the “big plate of chicken” the most. The chicken was spiced very nice and the flat noodles under it with the sauce is just to die for!

I am just getting hungry by looking at the pictures. Maybe I should eat some lunch…

The Menu


You can find their menu on their Facebook. I believe they removed the sushi from the old menu. I went there for a second time (February 2017) and the menu didn’t have the sushi anymore. Only the Xinjiang dishes.


This restaurant is really a recommendation if you like meat and spiced food. It was not spicy, but it had a lot of spices.

Price is about € 26 p.p including drinks. I ate with 5 persons and we paid € 130,- and we still had leftovers. They don’t serve alcohol there.

Second visit experiences (Feb 2017)

We went for a second time to Kiroren Restaurant to taste that authentic Xinjiang food. We tried the chicken we didn’t have last time, with the secret powder recipe, but we were not so impressed. This chicken is made by grilling over fire; a bit dry. The big chicken dish with pulled flat noodles is still our favorite chicken. This chicken is stir fried with a lot of oil; the texture is softer/juicier. The owner told us that they had revised the big chicken dish, to let it taste more like the authentic one in China. But honestly, we liked their first version better. That was really an explosion of taste in your mouth. This new revised recipe was a softer explosion, still good none the less, but we had tasted something nicer before to compare it with.
We ordered a lot of the same dishes as last time, because they were nice. A new one was the eggplant. Eggplant has always been a favorite dish of ours, red hot burned eggplant (红烧茄子). It tasted nice and spicy. Wish there was more eggplant, because we finished it very fast.

Time to visit them!

Kiroren Restaurant
Schiedamsedijk 1
3011 EB Rotterdam
+31 (0) 10-3419836 (the website is not done yet on the day of posting this)

Mon – Thur, Sun             12:00-22:00
Fri – Sat                          12:00-23:00

Eastern Snackhouse ~ Chinese food in Delft

When you want to find a good traditional Chinese restaurant, follow the Chinese. They usually know the authentic places. Don’t expect a lot of friendly talk with the service, because it’s all about having the food fast. Exactly how I like it. Eat first, talk later.
Delft Eastern snackbar-02

In Delft (NL) there is also a small gem where you can get delicious Chinese food. They also serve some Japanese and Indonesian dishes. But you should go for the Chinese food, because the owners are Chinese. The last time I went there I tried their congee for the first time. The owner suggested to have it with surimi sticks instead of chicken. And it was a very good choice! The congee was salty enough, thick enough. Oh wait. It wasn’t congee, because there was no rice in it. Soup I guess then.. 玉米汤 (corn soup)

It has: surimi sticks, egg swirls, corn.. It’s so good! I recommend it. Here is a drawing of it:

Delft Eastern snackbar-01

The lady owner is also very friendly. If you can talk Chinese, she will have a little chat with you and it feels like talking to a mom in a home environment. Really lovely ^^

And of course the food is also very good. I don’t really know the names of the dishes, but you can ask her for the best Chinese dishes. Don’t pick the rice + some meat dishes (for one person), but pick veggie and meat dishes. Share with your friends and you can try a lot of good stuff. Oh and did I say it is quite cheap? Go! Go!

Visit them!

Eastern Snackhouse
Kromstraat 35, 2611 EP Delft, The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 39636 493
They are on