Äpelschlaat – potato specialties in Düsseldorf (Closed)

 Our visit It was an early Thursday in Düsseldorf, (11:00am) and the Vietnamese restaurant we wanted to visit was not open yet (it opened at 12:00am). In the search for a good brunch place we found Äpelschlaat, a place which looked hip and organic from the outside. Inside, the interior had a farm feeling: wooden […]

Foodies of today in Düsseldorf

Today Lazy Penguin and I ate a lot of different cuisines. A special potato dish at Äpelschlaat (will dedicate a post to them), Korean shaved ice (patbingsu at Namu Cafe), curry wurst (German sausage) and Korean BBQ. Okay two cuisines, German and Korean. I am too lazy to draw the Korean BBQ, so here is […]

Recipe: Stir fry chicken, potato, carrot

Last week I planned to make pancakes for lunch with leftover veggies and fried chicken. But the plan changed, because I had too much ingredients. So it became a stir fry mix. It reminded me of ratatouille, though I have never have eaten ratatouille…I think. Here is the recipe: The duration for stir frying is […]