Hong Kong breakfast

Did you know you can get delicious simple breakfast in Hong Kong? Since Hong Kong is all about the food, you can easily find breakfast places wherever you go. Today I am sharing some photos which have been hidden for too long.

Tomato Macaroni Soup

When I went to Hong Kong I definitely wanted to try the red soup with macaroni. I often saw it on the internet. It’s just simple tomato soup with vegetables, meat pieces or fish balls and big-big macaroni, compared to the mini macaroni in the Netherlands. I loved it! I also tried to make it at home and it sort of tasted the same. Now I often add some pasta in the soup as ‘noodle’ ingredient. Recipe coming.. one day..

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Then you have Hong Kong milk tea. Also a must item for breakfast (or anytime actually). The milk tea is often served in a cow-and-windmill decorated cup, proudly representing the Dutch culture. After some research I found that Black & White is the brand name of sweet evaporated milk and it is produced by Friesland Campina. I have also written about bubble tea before, but the Hong Kong milk tea is without the black tapioca balls.

Wonton Noodles

Wonton noodles is also a typical Hong Kong dish. The egg noodles are thin and chewy and they are served on shrimp filled wontons. Often the wontons are hidden under the noodles. This way the noodles are not fully emerged in the soup and won’t get soggy. Smart.. smart..


Lazy Penguin and I love congee. It’s gooey, a little bit salty and it sometimes has black century egg. So when we saw crab congee on the menu, we both ordered it. At 池記 ChiJi (a wonton noodles franchise) you can order a menu with a main dish, a side dish and a drink. I ordered 芥蓝菜 gai lan veggies; sweet fat green stems as side dish. Salty, crunchy and healthy with goji berries.

Another congee??

At some other breakfast place we also ordered a congee, at least we thought. It tasted more like leftover rice with hot water, but maybe it was just that. It had a lot of oysters. It was not the best breakfast.

Pineapple bun

Last, but not least, pineapple bun! A sweet bread with a cookie layer on top and a slab of salty cold butter. Hmm… deliciousness.


Have you ever tried these breakfasts? Leave a comment below.

The coming week you can expect an explosion of posts, because I have some free time on my hands. Have a lovely weekend!

When in Hongkong eat Pineapple Bun!


What is this strange giraffe bun? It’s a pineapple bun! There is no pineapple used in this bread, but the shell looks like the skin of a pineapple. Though my picture looks like a giraffe skin and the photo is more like a turtle.


This bun exists out of sweet white bread, topped with a cookie layer which breaks fast. (And you can eat it during breakfast.. :p)
It tastes best with a salty slab of butter in between. The cold salty butter is such a nice contrast with the sweet soft warm bun and it melts…. mmmm…..


To wash down the bun, you can order an original milk tea. No sugar and with cows and wind mills from The Netherlands. Feels like home 😉

I will be travelling to Thailand soon. Get ready for some Thai food! If you have tips about places or food. Let piggy know.
Have a good Friday!

Eindhoven: The Happiness Café

A sweet little cafe has popped up in Eindhoven:


First impression

At first impression it looks cute with the logo and hart on the window.
Inside it looks so nice and hip:
happinesscafe wallhappinesscafe window

Lovely designed menu card hanging in the back of the counter. People get all the time to watch. The counter has a lot of things to look at: ingredients for salads, mugs to buy, coffee maker in the back. And quite a lot of people are working behind the counter.
happinesscafe counter

Chairs outside are made of wood and are also used inside. When the rain was pouring, the tables and chairs were inside. When the sun came out, the tables and chairs were put outside.

My little brother and I ordered a smoothie… It wasn’t very special, so that left me a scar.


Healthy Berry smoothie

Everything is designed so nice, so I was a bit disappointed that the beverage was only “meh”. Hopefully the other food is nice.

Some research


Pretty card with things they have to offer

Their website is designed very well. Pretty and informative. I really like the drawn pictures on their salad page:


The Happiness Café offers some unique things: breakfasts, juices and detox stuff. You don’t find those a lot in the Netherlands. Their goal is to offer the people healthy, fresh, pure food. To make your body feel better and make you happy. Nice goal.

Visit them!

The Happiness Café
Nieuwe Emmasingel 9
5611 AM Eindhoven
+31(0)40 845 1034