Restaurant tips in the Netherlands🍴

The Netherlands

Amsterdam restaurant tips – tips from an Amsterdammer
J.D. Williams Whiskey bar – whiskey and Asian fusion food (video)
Ramen restaurants – also in Rotterdam, Schiedam and Delft
Street food tips from Chef Marvin – also in Rotterdam, Breda and Den Haag
Beer and whisky – De Bierkoning, In de Wildeman, J.D. William’s Whiskey bar (video)
New King and Kaiko – Chinese food and Japanese food (video)

PuiCk ~ Around the world food in Breda
Zwart Breda – Eating in the dark

Five Restaurants in February (Nijmegen, Rotterdam locations included)
Kek – Top coffee spot in Delft
Eastern Snackhouse ~ Chinese food in Delft

Seoul Garden – Korean food
T&C Haus – Taiwanese food and dessert heaven

Eindhoven: The Hapiness Café
Six restaurants tips in Eindhoven

Just Meet – Meat heaven in Leiden

Coffee and lunch tips: De blonde pater, Sid en Liv, Fika

Cate Dak Chinese Café 不了秦 中式面艺咖啡厅 – Biang biang noodles
Round&Round – Sweet desserts and matcha high tea (Cafe)
Foo Concepts – HK eggwaffle and more Asian eats and drinks (Cafe)
Tensai Ramen – Addicting ramen and veggie ramen
Hinoki Noodle Soup – Japanese noodles
Meram – Turkish cuisine
Noo.Me – Asian ramen, try the Laksa
Takumi Düsseldorf Rotterdam – Japanese noodles
The Fishmarket – Delicious seafood dishes
YoYo Fresh – Bubble tea and more (Amsterdam, Den Haag locations included)

Yokohama Ramen Saito – Authentic Japanese ramen in Schiedam
Mr. Chow – Asian comfort food near Schiedam trainstation

Asian Boulevard – Very authentic Korean BBQ

Kimmade Food Village – Vietnamese food
Japanese Don Dining KOUNOSUKE – Japanese rice bowls
Miyagi and Jones – Asian street food with alcohol (share your dishes)
Bar Iberico – Spanish fingerfood and lunch (video)

Other Countries

England – LONDON
Honest – burgers

Yaki-The-Emon – Really good Japanese bar food (Izakaya)
Takumi Düsseldorf – Japanese ramen
Äpelschlaat – lots of potato specialties

KYOTO – Yamani Sushi – Local sushi place (video)
KYOTO – Seven recommended restaurants

Lisbon restaurant tips – Seafood, tapas style, Italian pancake

Thailand – CHIANGMAI
Chiangmai – Sofuto Cream – desserts

Swiss – ZÜRICH
Zürich: Sternen Grill – sausages

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