Recipes 🍳

Chinese cooking

Basics of stir frying – If you know these basics, you can stir fry anything into a delicious meal
Dad’s Famous lamb skewers 羊肉串 – BBQ recipe, also nice for just stir frying
Dumplings a la LazyPigPassion – Our family’s delicious dumpling recipe
Chicken congee – Soft and savory congee for when you are sick
Chinese chicken soup against the cold – Making you strong again
Cucumber salad – Easy, fast and healthy, sort of

Easy recipes

Es campur – A refreshing sweet and fruity dessert from Indonesia
Stir fry chicken, potato, carrot – Using left over ingredients to stir fry
Lazy Vegetable Soup – Throwing all the veggies in a soup
Fish curry – Throwing fish and veggies together with some curry powder
LazyPigPassion instant noodles – My go-to instant noodle recipe

Korean style

Dakgalbi ~ not so spicy Korean chicken dish – Chicken, rice cake, little bit spicy, cabbage…
Korean chicken salad – Red pepper sauce chicken, mozzarella, salad…

Other recipes

6 hour roast chicken – First time trying a long roast recipe
Lemon honey tea – Healthy drink for your throat
Onigirazu – Seaweed Rice hamburger – Japanese inspired seaweed recipe