Hong Kong breakfast

Did you know you can get delicious simple breakfast in Hong Kong? Since Hong Kong is all about the food, you can easily find breakfast places wherever you go. Today I am sharing some photos which have been hidden for too long.

Tomato Macaroni Soup

When I went to Hong Kong I definitely wanted to try the red soup with macaroni. I often saw it on the internet. It’s just simple tomato soup with vegetables, meat pieces or fish balls and big-big macaroni, compared to the mini macaroni in the Netherlands. I loved it! I also tried to make it at home and it sort of tasted the same. Now I often add some pasta in the soup as ‘noodle’ ingredient. Recipe coming.. one day..

Hong Kong Milk Tea

Then you have Hong Kong milk tea. Also a must item for breakfast (or anytime actually). The milk tea is often served in a cow-and-windmill decorated cup, proudly representing the Dutch culture. After some research I found that Black & White is the brand name of sweet evaporated milk and it is produced by Friesland Campina. I have also written about bubble tea before, but the Hong Kong milk tea is without the black tapioca balls.

Wonton Noodles

Wonton noodles is also a typical Hong Kong dish. The egg noodles are thin and chewy and they are served on shrimp filled wontons. Often the wontons are hidden under the noodles. This way the noodles are not fully emerged in the soup and won’t get soggy. Smart.. smart..


Lazy Penguin and I love congee. It’s gooey, a little bit salty and it sometimes has black century egg. So when we saw crab congee on the menu, we both ordered it. At 池記 ChiJi (a wonton noodles franchise) you can order a menu with a main dish, a side dish and a drink. I ordered 芥蓝菜 gai lan veggies; sweet fat green stems as side dish. Salty, crunchy and healthy with goji berries.

Another congee??

At some other breakfast place we also ordered a congee, at least we thought. It tasted more like leftover rice with hot water, but maybe it was just that. It had a lot of oysters. It was not the best breakfast.

Pineapple bun

Last, but not least, pineapple bun! A sweet bread with a cookie layer on top and a slab of salty cold butter. Hmm… deliciousness.


Have you ever tried these breakfasts? Leave a comment below.

The coming week you can expect an explosion of posts, because I have some free time on my hands. Have a lovely weekend!

Hongkong supermarket


I always love to explore supermarkets abroad. To see what kind of special food they sell and the pretty package designs they have. In Hongkong I enjoyed looking at all the food stuff in the supermarkets. Here is a small collection of things I found interesting. We visited a fancy supermarket which sells products from all over the world, including Dutch cheese, and also Seven Elevens with delicious cakes and breads.
citysuperhk supermarket
HK supermarket sashimisupermarket sushi fresh fruitstrange fruitsmiley drinks

kimchi heaven soft bread instant ramen chips kiwiberry package-design

Good times in Hongkong. Too bad we didn’t buy that much of food from the supermarket, because we mostly ate in restaurants (which is not that bad at all). Even though they have fantastic food in supermarkets, my friend Lazy Panda (who lives in Hongkong) says she misses the stuff from the Dutch supermarket. Aah.. can’t have everything.. and the grass is always greener…

Good night Hong Kong.


Thoughts of a drawing ~ Mango Mochi

“Wow! This water color picture really inspires me to draw something!”

“Let’s draw something, maybe this photo from Japan, with all the orange poles? No, the characters will take a long time to draw. ”

“Maybe pick a photo from the Hongkong trip? Wow.. so many food photos I still have to post on the blog. Okay, let’s make a supermarket post soon…”

“Oh, these desserts looks easy to draw. Let’s do these.”


“Ugh, the cartel of the cup is hard to draw. Luckily I drew with a pencil and can erase it.” (HAHA, here goes my black line power feeling XD)

“Ay, so many coconut flakes, shall I draw more? And more? How to color the orange in between the white flakes later?


“Need to create the perfect orange. Use both yellow and red. Mix-mix-mix.. let’s make orange dot’s for coloring in between the white flakes.”

“Which color is the metal cup? Hmm… Lazy Bear says the white bling is very important for making it look like metal. Let’s use the eye drop of Illustrator to check the color. Oh, it’s brown. Okay, I am gonna use dark brown and green. And blue.”

“Add some white with the pen I bought in Bangkok. It doesn’t look very white. Maybe I should use Tipp-ex” [Post on Instgram]


“Mm… the drawing looks so soft. Add black lines? But not too thick. The white flakes should look flakey. Add some more blue on the plate. It doesn’t look like glass, but whatever, I like blue as plate color. And done! Add a LazyPigPassion stamp and the date.” [Post on Instagram again]


When in Hongkong eat Pineapple Bun!


What is this strange giraffe bun? It’s a pineapple bun! There is no pineapple used in this bread, but the shell looks like the skin of a pineapple. Though my picture looks like a giraffe skin and the photo is more like a turtle.


This bun exists out of sweet white bread, topped with a cookie layer which breaks fast. (And you can eat it during breakfast.. :p)
It tastes best with a salty slab of butter in between. The cold salty butter is such a nice contrast with the sweet soft warm bun and it melts…. mmmm…..


To wash down the bun, you can order an original milk tea. No sugar and with cows and wind mills from The Netherlands. Feels like home 😉

I will be travelling to Thailand soon. Get ready for some Thai food! If you have tips about places or food. Let piggy know.
Have a good Friday!

Hongkong Day 3: Buddha and Dimsum


When going to Hongkong one thing you should always eat is dimsum. Dimsum (點心) means little dishes. People often eat it in Guangzhou and Hongkong. Dimsum originates from the Cantonese.


Long long time ago travellers on the Silk road would stop at Tea houses to drink tea and relax. Before an imperial doctor said that eating food with tea would increase your weight, but later it turned out that tea helps digesting your food better. Especially oily food. I imagine it as tea fluid will trap oil pools in your stomach and break it apart in small pieces… So the Tea house owners eventually added small snacks to the tea which is now the dimsum and yamcha ( 飲茶). Thank you Tea house owners, for this lovely way of eating.

Hongkong dimsum adventure

So of course when we were in Hongkong we also ate dimsum! On the third day we and Lazy Chinchilla went to the big Buddha on Lantau Island. You can take a cable car via the other island. The floor of the cable car was made of glass so we could admire the broccoli trees beneath us. It was also possible to hike to the Buddha, but a bit too long for lazy us. Since we were also planning to have dimsum after the visit.

dimsumhk-09 dimsumhk-10

At the metro station Ngong Ping there was a big outlet mall with a dimsum restaurant, called Federal Palace. The restaurant was quite busy. Filled with families having their lunch. The place had chandeliers and round white clothed tables. A waiter took us to a spot on the second floor. After picking some nice dishes from the photo menu we could finally eat the good stuff! And I was not disappointed.

The Zhaliang 炸两 (long white flabby thing) was the best I have ever had. It is a fried dough (油条) wrapped with think rice noodle layer. This zhaliang had little shrimps in the skin. The sauce is a bit sweeter than in The Netherlands and the dough was sowww crispy! AAHH just the best. We ordered an extra one of course. The rest of the food was also just perfect.

Fun little story about our waiter: when we got the check which was 311 HK dollar, my friend put 500 dollar in the booklet. But the waiter didn’t move, he was just pointing at something, he was showing a page under the bill. It already the change money for 500 HK dollar. So smart and efficient ^^.


Dimsum in the Netherlands

Luckily we don’t need to go to Hongkong or Guangdong for good dimsum. There are some good places in the Netherlands too. Follow the Chinese to eat the good stuff.

~ Den Haag ~

Kee Lun Kok, Wagenstraat 95, Den Haag

(wow, I guess when the restaurant is so good, you don’t even need a website) 

Konotori / Ming Dynastie, Spui 170 Den Haag

~ Rotterdam ~

Orient Pearl, Kruiskade 72-76, Rotterdam

Oh, I see more Chinese restaurants don’t have websites.

Grand Garden, Aert van Nesstraat 4, Rotterdam

There are much more good places, but I feel lazy to mention them all. Try these places first and when you need new recommendations, let me know. Also let me know if you know some good places.
Have a good weekend! enjoy

Day 2: Desserts in Hongkong


Did you know in Hongkong they have their own “going out” version. Instead of going to a bar and drink beer, they go to a dessert place and eat dessert. Getting drunk on sweets. They have a lot of different desserts available: creampuffs, mochi ice, whole shops dedicated to desserts.

On the second day in Hongkong Lazy Panda took us out for dinner and dessert. Dinner was at Dintaifung, but I will dedicate another post to that awesome place. This post will be about the desserts.

The Dessert kitchen


While walking on the busy pedestrian roads in Kowloon we found our way to The Dessert kitchen. This store only serves desserts. It is fully packed with locals. All their ice cream, mochi stuff are homemade in the store.hk-desserts-03

We have been there two times so I had the possibility to try a lot of different stuff. I have to say. I really like Hongkong desserts. They are not so sweet as desserts in Europe, but just sweet enough. And they use other ingredients, like rice flower for rice cakes and mochi. Also they use more fresh fruit.


Their menu has photos of all the delicious desserts. I noticed there are a lot of mango desserts in HK. Also 柚子 (pomelo) is used often in desserts and éven in savory (salty) dishes. We once had fish with pomelo, which tasted very nice together.


Mochi ice cream


Mochi is soft rice dough. Mochi ice cream is ice cream packed with a mochi layer around it. There was a little shop in Langham place (the place with the creepy teddybear) where they sell mochi ice cream. We had visited it twice, because it was so good. I got the green tea mochi with red beans. During the trip I often choose for the green tea flavor, because you don’t get that often in the Netherlands.

Egg waffle


I had seen photos of eggwaffle before on Instagram, so when I saw them in the streets I had to buy and eat them. I also made an instagram style photo of it.

It tastes a bit dryer than the Belgium waffles, more crunchy. Inside the round balls is air, nice sweet air.

There was another expensive dessert place in a mall, Lady M, but I will talk about it next time. It is so good that people are standing in line for it. Then you know it’s really good.

lady M

Hong kong 2016 | day 1 Flying


The first day was mainly travelling. We first flew 10 hours to Xiamen, from there we had a 1.15 hour flight to Hongkong. In the airplane we enjoyed movies from different countries. I watched X-men Apocalypse and Alice through the looking glass, with sudden sleep attacks. I recommend bringing own (good quality) earphones, since the sound is way better then. On the flight back to the Netherlands I forgot to take my earplugs out and had to use the earplugs they hand out, which has crappy sound. First world problems.


The traveling was quite tiring, since we had to wait 4 hours in Xiamen. Luckily a cafe just opened at 6:00 in the morning, so we ordered something to drink and to eat. We only brought 220 HK dollars with us and what do you know, we ordered exactly 219 HK dollar. We got 1 yuan back. A lot of food was not available yet (they had to be delivered), so we ordered milk tea and a noodle soup. The soup was really good, made from bones and boiled for a long time. Or they put in some enchanting soup powder which made it so great. This soup is the only food thing I didn’t make a photo.. shame on me. But the noodles were soggy. Not so good. Better food in Hongkong.


After 1.15 hours of flying we arrived in Hongkong!

Let the adventures begin! ^3^