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Glasgow traveling tips

Ahh, the Glasgow trip is over… It has been a nice trip with badminton, friends, food and culture. In this post I will share some fun things and tips for (your next trip to?) Glasgow. [Going through my Glasgow photo album to find some good stuff] Glasgow tips Toilets are everywhere. Inside the public buildings, […]
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Glasgow day 5: Edinburgh

On the 5th day the badminton watchers were done with the matches. We booked a bus to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. You can buy a ticket online for the CityLink bus, which goes to different cities every 15 minutes. It’s also possible to buy a ticket at the bus station. Edinburgh is a very […]
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Glasgow day 4: museums, uni, city bus tour

I saw two really good museums today: “The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum” has art from different countries, old and a bit newer. The grouping and placing of the objects are really well done. There are interesting information cards and they have a bit of sas in them. They really tell you a story or […]
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Glasgow day 3 (part 2): Nippon Kitchen

We went to Nippon Kitchen for Japanese food. They had quite a variety of choices: bento boxes, sushi sets, ramen, soba noodles, teppenyaki stuff and more. They also offer a wide range of cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Our meal was eventually about 26 pound per person. 12-16 pound for a dish, 8 pound for a […]
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Glasgow day 3 (part 1): sightseeing, museum, burger

Laying lazy on the bed, scrolling through the photos of today. I have quite some stories to tell. So here we go for part 1. Part 2 will come later, since we still have to go out for dinner. Now waiting for late dinner. Have a good evening!

Glasgow day 2: badminton world cup

Tips for visiting a badminton tournament: Bring a marker, booklet and buy an event shirt for collecting authographs. Since you are at the World Cup, all top players are here. Some top players also mingle between the peasants. You might even bump into a famous player you don’t know on the toilet. Bring some drinks […]
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Glasgow day 1: first impressions

The Glasgow airport is small and feels old fashioned compared to the fancy new security of Schiphol. We took the express bus to the city center. The driver was really helpful in suggesting us to buy a group ticket, since it is cheaper. 20 pound for 4 people, one way ticket. 1 person costs 7+ […]
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Travel diary: Glasgow 2017

We are going to Glasgow with a bunch of badminton friends. Visiting the Badminton World Championships. But I am more interested in the food and culture there. I have never been to Scotland before and the only thing I know are: After doing some research I found that: Glasgow’s eating and drinking scene is vibrant, with […]
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