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Dutch Gems: Drop aka Licorice

My favorite candy in the world is licorice, in Dutch “drop”.  Drop is something you have to get used to, it tastes salty, sweet, bitter? I don’t know, it just tastes like drop. Drop is something you will encounter when you live in the Netherlands. I grew up with drop. When I went to China […]
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When in Hongkong eat Pineapple Bun!

What is this strange giraffe bun? It’s a pineapple bun! There is no pineapple used in this bread, but the shell looks like the skin of a pineapple. Though my picture looks like a giraffe skin and the photo is more like a turtle. This bun exists out of sweet white bread, topped with a cookie […]
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Hongkong Day 3: Buddha and Dimsum

When going to Hongkong one thing you should always eat is dimsum. Dimsum (點心) means little dishes. People often eat it in Guangzhou and Hongkong. Dimsum originates from the Cantonese. History Long long time ago travellers on the Silk road would stop at Tea houses to drink tea and relax. Before an imperial doctor said […]
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Dad’s Famous lamb skewers 羊肉串

  Last week I wrote about my dad’s famous lamb sis kebab and lucky for you guys. He made it the week after, so I could take some photos to show you the recipe. It’s not difficult to make them. You only need to buy good piece of lamb (we use the leg). Have some decent […]
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Eating wild plants: wild leek / ramps

When I am walking outside in nature I tend to look at what kind of herbs there are at the side of the road. When I was smaller, my mother would bring home wild plants which she would use for dinner. There were some plants I liked, because of the bite and taste. There were […]
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A dedication to kimchi

During my exchange in South-Korea I came in contact with kimchi (= fermented Chinese cabbage). Kimchi tastes salty, sour, spicey, garlickey, fishy… It doesn’t sound very tasty now I am describing it. But it is something I have come to like. How it all started My first meal in South-Korea was at Sinseon Seolnongtang in […]
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