Food diary #3 (week 36, 2017)

One and Two | A fun week this week, because Lazy Chinchilla was visiting! Remember the sweet totoro-look-a-like from Guangzhou? Well she was in the Netherlands again with her mother, to visit the old friends. And what is the best way to visit friends? With food of course! We had a lovely pizza party at another friend’s house. Talk and eat.

Three | Lazy Bear and I are frequent visitors of the TU Delft Sport Center canteen. We often eat there before badminton. This week the new canteen / cafeteria / restaurant opened their doors! A new menu, a new interior and more places to sit. The menu design is really pretty and we have already tried out 3 burgers. Burgers review is in the picture. I am already a big fan of the sweet potato fries. They feel much lighter than normal fries (and healthier in my mind).

Four | I did it. I tried another onigiri. This time the California taste. The taste was nice, but the rice… AH To Go, learn how to make rice! Or prepare less onigiris, so the rice stays fresh. Or readers: eat it more, so there will be fresh onigiris in the shelves. But still.. good job in bringing the onigiris to the Dutch supermarkets. I still love you, AH To Go.

I still have a lot of things to share, but not enough time to work on it. Coming one day: T&C Haus foodvlog, Dad’s lamb skewer video recipe, African restaurant in Delft review, …. and much more restaurant reviews. Let’s see if I can finish the T&C Haus video for next Friday. Lazy Penguin’s reaction to the food is extraordinary in this one. No spoilers.

YAY! almost weekend! Have a lovely one.

Food souvenirs from China

Mom is back in town! And she has brought back some snacks and food ingredients.

I believe you can’t get these brands or type of item in the Netherlands. Else, I wouldn’t let mom bring it. Let’s go deeper into the products…

Luobogan – Dried radish

This is a salty dried white radish root. I eat it with my instant noodles and congee. It is a nice salty kick in the food. It’s also delicious in a stir fry with meat or veggie for a salty crunch. You can reduce the amount of salt. Because it’s salty, it is not the most healthy food. “So don’t eat too much of it!” hearing my mom in the back of my head.

The first time I learned about the bunny brand, was in the airplane to China. Since then I am hooked to the bunny brand dried radish.

Spicy dried pepper and Sichuan pepper corn

Okay, these two items you CAN get in the Netherlands. BUT, I believe these items are more fragrant and of a better quality than the items you can get in the Netherlands. It is from Xi’an (China). Xi’an is famous for their spicy and mouth-tingling food. They use a lot of spicy pepper and Sichuan pepper corn. Mom said the peppers are not very spicy, but they give a nice fragrant to the dish. 香味。

I have a Peugeot pepper mill at home. Chinese as I am, I have put Sichuan pepper corns inside, instead of black pepper. I often grind some Sichuan pepper in stir fry dishes, soups, sauces etc… It gives a slight subtle fresh taste to the dish. (Omg, I just sniffed the Sichuan pepper package, but the smell is so strong, it is stuck in my nose.)

Jujube – red dates with walnut

Mom has had brought back this snack before: red jujube with a nut inside. It was so good, so this has also become a wanted food souvenir. The red jujube is big, meaty and sweet. The walnut is crunchy and nutty. It is such a good combination to bite in!

In the Netherlands you often find ‘wet’ dates, dates which are soaked in their own sweetness? On Google I found that jujube and dates are from different trees. Jujube grown on trees with green leafs and dates grown on palm trees, but in Dutch we call them both ‘dadels’.

Extra: Dried bamboo sprouts

These dried bamboo sprouts are from a previous mom-food-gift, but it is still a precious item. If you have ever seen the movie “The Tale of The Princess Kaguya”, then you have also seen a bamboo sprout. It’s the small sprout where Princess Kaguya is born from.

If you haven’t seen the movie, you can watch it here. Recommended!

Bamboo sprouts are delicious! I love the crunchiness and bite feeling. These bamboo sprouts are salted and dried for preserving. Before you use them, you have to soak them in water to re-hydrate them.  And you have to change the water a few times, to remove the salt. Nowadays I also boil them before putting them in a dish, since they have a strange sour taste. I often use bamboo sprouts in chicken soups or meat dishes. They will absorb the meat taste.

If you ever go to Hangzhou (China), try out the chicken soup in the mountains. It was the best chicken soup I have ever had. You get a whole chicken paired with mushrooms, young bamboo shoots and goji. I ate this dish in 2010 and it inspired me to make the chicken soup recipe.

Coming soon…

Originally I planned to make a video recipe today, but the food souvenirs inspired me to write this post. So coming soon: a lazy video recipe.

Also I would to thank you all readers for visiting my blog. Nowadays I often see visitors from different countries and that makes me really happy; to tell my stories to so many people worldwide.

See you on the next blog!

Last eating day in Düsseldorf


For lunch we went back to Yaki-The-Emon for some sashimi and okonomiyaki. This place is really good, I like it better than Takumi. The atmosphere and food feel more authentic. Takumi is more branch food, it’s still good, but not so special anymore. I might be bias, because I also tasted the Takumi in Rotterdam, so Takumi food is not one of a kind for me anymore.

Onigiri at Waraku

In the Japan town area is a small shop called Waraku where they sell onigiris: triangle rice in seaweed with different fillings. I bought some as a souvenir to eat.

So cool that Düsseldorf has this many Japanese delicacies. Don’t go to Düsseldorf for the sausages and meat, go for the Japanese and Korean food 😁.

Gogi Matcha service

A sigaret after eating?! No, this is a gum shaped as a cigarette. After we had paid our bill at Gogi Matcha, the waiter came with a pack of cigarettes (I thought), but it was gum. To have a fresh breath again after eating BBQ. What a thoughtful service, especially bringing it to you after the bill. Although restaurants in the Netherlands often give you a mint candy after dinner, this was more a ‘what-aha’ surprise. Restaurants should do that more often, a fun surprise.

It’s weekend! End of the week!

And yay! Mission accomplished: posted everyday for 7 days. Now it’s time to do nothing….

Foodies of today in Düsseldorf

Today Lazy Penguin and I ate a lot of different cuisines. A special potato dish at Äpelschlaat (will dedicate a post to them), Korean shaved ice (patbingsu at Namu Cafe), curry wurst (German sausage) and Korean BBQ. Okay two cuisines, German and Korean.

I am too lazy to draw the Korean BBQ, so here is a photo.

This Korean restaurant, Gogi Matcha, really tasted like the ones in Korea. Seoul Garden in The Hague fades away in comparison. Here they really have chunks of meat, not thin slices. And the sauces and side dishes are similar to Korea’s: sour, sweet and salty. The cold noodle soup was really good, sour sweet cold with bouncy black thin noodles.

More photos coming soon.

For brunch we had a potato salad topped with shredded chicken. It was so colorfull and tastfull. I really recommend this place: Äpelschlaat.

I have to say, till now all the food did not dissapoint. They have top notch Asian food here. (Though I didn’t dare to try Chinese food, I don’t have much fate in Chinese food in Germany, but proof me wrong!)

Tomorrow is the last day to eat in Düsseldorf. 😋

Japanese food in Düsseldorf

I took a week off from work and went to Düsseldorf with Lazy Penguin to eat good food. Food trip! Today we ate a lot of Japanese food.


We had to try the original Takumi. Review: they have better ramen broths than in Rotterdam. They had a pork bone soup, so tasty! And my miso ramen was also well-seasoned, not too salty. The amount of noodles was also good, a bit less than other places, just enough for me. Side dishes were so so here, good, but Rotterdam’s were more “wow”. (I will update this post later with more photos from my big camera)
Takumi rating: 7.5/10


In the evening we went to Yaki-The-Emon, suggested by a friend of Lazy Penguin. This was a drinking/side dishes/yakitori (food on a stick) restaurant. We were still quite full from the lunch, so choosing small dishes was a better idea than a big meal.

Yaki really surprised us, every dish was really ‘new’ to us. Interesting tastes and textures. A ceasar salad grilled on the grill, a grilled eggplant with miso sauce, salmon sashimi, okra wrapped in beef, and beef stew with root veggies 🌈. Mmm. The interior design was in the style of a drinking/eating place in Japan. Really nice atmosphere. 🙂 The waiters at both places were very friendly.

Yaki rating: 8,5/10
We might go back to Yaki to try more dishes.

We saw some other cuisines we want to try: Vietnamese food, Korean BBQ and Korean shaved ice. Yes, that is mainly Asian food.

Food diary #2 ~ dentist and kimchi ramyun

Banana milk

bananamilkToday I went to the dentist to remove a second wisdom teeth, too much wisdom in my mouth. Now my mouth is tired and still a little numb. Can’t chew, too much effort. So I made a banana smoothie. Smooth and sweet. Recommended for when you can’t chew. Babies like it too. I was walking in the supermarket before my dentist visit and I was looking at the baby food and thinking: should I buy some? But before I have seen people eating it on Youtube and it tasted bad. So I made my own baby food.

For tonight I will make some chicken congee, more baby food. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Did you know they have banana flavored milk in South-Korea? It tastes quite nice, it’s sweet milk with more banana taste than what I just made right now.

Kimchi ramyun


Nice segue to my next topic: I discovered Kimchi Ramyun in a Dutch supermarket: Coop. I was surprised by the amount of Toko (Chinese store) things they have. They also cover some stuff from the Turkish supermarket. Good to see Coop is getting international. I approve.

Lays as Pringles?

lays chips pringles style

I found another interesting thing in the Coop. Lays is selling their chips Pringles style. But why? I like my chips to be small and big. Aya, I should have bought it so I can try it. Next time…

Have a good day!

Food diary #1

This week I am trying something new. Since I didn’t have a lot of time to make a restaurant post, blog story or recipe post, I will share my food stories of last week.

Goji lemonade


I got some very tasty goji berries from China. They are like raisins if you eat them from the box. I remember seeing goji lemonade at Hills & Mills, so I thought I can probably make it too. And it is quite easy. You just let them soak in cold water. Later if the water has become reddish you can add some honey and lemon juice to create a refreshing drink. I was a bit unpatient, so I just directly drank it with the berries. And the goji water has an interesting taste.. it’s nice to bite the chewy berries when they are not plump yet from the water.

Old popsicles


Above are some pear popsicles from a year ago. I am not so fast with eating sweet things, so they have been lying in the freezer for more than a year. They were a bit old, so I thought of melting them. These are their last minutes.

Fish okonomiyaki style veggie pancake


I really enjoy salty pancakes, so I also enjoy okonomiyaki style pancakes. I dont really like the thick sweet sauce, so I dont use that in my dishes. The ingredients from the photo above are:

  • Onions, spring onions
  • Carrots, zucchini
  • All purpose flower (little bit to bind), little bit milk
  • Salt, chicken powder, black pepper, little bit oil in the dough mixture
  • Pangasius filet (any fish can be used)

Use quite some oil to fry the pancake on low heat. I am not good in flipping, so every pancake breaks. Enjoy with some soysauce+sesame oil, if it is not salty enough.

Have a good weekend!