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(Video) A trip to healthy SNCKBR Eindhoven (closed)

This week I present to you a video about our trip to SNCKBR in Eindhoven. You would think that they are a snackbar with unhealthy junk food. But no…. the food there is healthy, delicious and satisfying. The Food Their website tells me that they use ingredients which are moderate in fat, free of refined […]
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Eindhoven restaurant tips

Lazy Chipmunk asked for Eindhoven restaurant tips. So here it is! I have visited quite a few restaurants in Eindhoven, but that was before my Lazy Pig Passion era. So I don’t have any stories about them (yet). Here is a quick list which comes into mind. Prices are per person. SNCKBR (15-20 euro) – […]
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Strijp-S ~ Hip and happening in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is slowly becoming a hip, design and technology place. Especially Strijp-S has grown to a fun, relaxing and hip area. There are one-of-a-kind design stores in Urban Shopper, artists selling their beautiful items in pop-up shops. There is also a community workplace for freelancers at Seat2Meet. Here you can meet interesting people and learn from […]
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Eindhoven: The Happiness Café

A sweet little cafe has popped up in Eindhoven: First impression At first impression it looks cute with the logo and hart on the window. Inside it looks so nice and hip: Lovely designed menu card hanging in the back of the counter. People get all the time to watch. The counter has a lot […]
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