Are chefs painters?

Is it possible to describe the food style/taste of a chef like a visual identity for a company? The food identity of the chef.

What kind of words would you use? Feelings? Taste words? Colors?
A chef needs to understand all the tastes and ingredients, so they can create awesome dishes.

Is it like art? Understanding color and understanding how to mix them to create WOW paintings? People come back for those same style paintings.

Chef’s understand taste, texture and methods… they can create a WOW dish. People come for those same style flavors: a bit similar to their old experience, but still mindblowing.

Cooking is like art I believe. You can be creative with tastes, colors and textures. Art stimulates the eye and creates feelings in the observer. Food stimulates the eye, tongue, nose and create feelings in the eater.

Also at a more fancy restaurant the chef will make art of your plate. So yes, chefs are painters.

Sketch process

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That was my small food for thought of the week.

Coming soon

It has been a bit quiet in the foodvlog department, but there are plans to film at two restaurants. So you can expect two foodvlogs coming soon.

It’s also becoming hot… I am planning to share a refreshing cucumber salad with you guys. And mum is back in town, so a dumpling recipe (or video maybe?) is coming soon. Lots to look forward to 🙂

Have a sunny weekend!

What is wok hei?

Wok hei is that big fire in the wok, which you often see in a Chinese restaurant. At home wok hei is a big mess of oil splatters. I use a pan lid as a shield to protect myself from the oil splatters.

Today I made scrambled eggs in hot oil, it was splattering like fireworks. This was a moment of reminiscing the gas fire at my parents home which always gives me oil splatters on my pan lid shield.

I am trying to post everyday this week, till Friday 7 April. Let’s see if I can up the challenge.

Let’s do this! (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑

Coming soon (tomorrow)

A bit lazy today, post should be done by tomorrow. Enjoy this cooking show for now.

To work or to lie down

Sorry guys, the congee recipe will come later. The weekend was for lazing around. Here is a picture of Lazy Pig lazing around.

Thoughts of a drawing ~ Mango Mochi

“Wow! This water color picture really inspires me to draw something!”

“Let’s draw something, maybe this photo from Japan, with all the orange poles? No, the characters will take a long time to draw. ”

“Maybe pick a photo from the Hongkong trip? Wow.. so many food photos I still have to post on the blog. Okay, let’s make a supermarket post soon…”

“Oh, these desserts looks easy to draw. Let’s do these.”


“Ugh, the cartel of the cup is hard to draw. Luckily I drew with a pencil and can erase it.” (HAHA, here goes my black line power feeling XD)

“Ay, so many coconut flakes, shall I draw more? And more? How to color the orange in between the white flakes later?


“Need to create the perfect orange. Use both yellow and red. Mix-mix-mix.. let’s make orange dot’s for coloring in between the white flakes.”

“Which color is the metal cup? Hmm… Lazy Bear says the white bling is very important for making it look like metal. Let’s use the eye drop of Illustrator to check the color. Oh, it’s brown. Okay, I am gonna use dark brown and green. And blue.”

“Add some white with the pen I bought in Bangkok. It doesn’t look very white. Maybe I should use Tipp-ex” [Post on Instgram]


“Mm… the drawing looks so soft. Add black lines? But not too thick. The white flakes should look flakey. Add some more blue on the plate. It doesn’t look like glass, but whatever, I like blue as plate color. And done! Add a LazyPigPassion stamp and the date.” [Post on Instagram again]


Food art

Besides food, I also like pretty graphics. So combining the two is mind blowing! Pretty food visuals!

For my blog I make all the (food) graphics myself and I get inspired by other drawings/graphics I see on the web. Here are a few pictures which I think are pretty. You might see a similar style in my graphics.

Flat food


Flat design has been a thing the past year. I also think it’s a cool style and quite easy to make. Symmetrical shapes with a lot of similar colors. A few days ago I saw this picture. I just love the colors and shapes. The artist is Ryan Brinkerhoff.

Cute food

Today I found a studio which makes such cute graphics and their name is Squid & Pig! Piggie!
They have also created cute food stickers for Viber. Here is some cuteness overload:


Photogenic food

I have this cookbook (Modernist Cuisine at Home) which has the most beautiful cut through food photos. I wanted the book, because one: the photos are so pretty and two: they use a lot of scientific ways to explain the recipes. Like exact temperatures, different kind of measurements etc.

modernistcuisineVeggie photo source

modernistcuisine2Roast photo source

Drawn food

Further I like to draw food. Like these dumplings:

I like black lined drawings (+ water paint). It feels very powerful to not use the eraser, but just to draw everything ‘perfect’ in one go. I follow Paul Heaston on Instagram which draws superb black and white drawings. I can learn a lot from him by examining his sketches.
paulheastonDrawing source

What kind of food art do you like?

Tomorrow I will work on a failed video recipe. Show you guys the Don’ts of filming a recipe.
Good evening!

MacDonald’s home cook service

I was talking with lazy bear about MacDonald’s having 24/7 service. In the past this didn’t exist in The Netherlands.macdonald-service-02 Now MacDonald’s is slowly becoming like the ones in the US and Asia. I hope one day they will also bring the Big Mac and fries to your home, like in Asia. Then whenever I have a MacDonald’s craving I can order it! Oh, Burger King is starting the delivery service now. Only in Den Haag and Emmen, for testing it. Let’s hope it will be a hit, so Mac Donald’s will also have the delivery service.macdonald-service-03

But the fries will be soggy, because they are not suitable for long travelling.macdonald-service-04

What if the delivery guy will bring the ingredients and cook at your home. Maybe in a MacDonald’s food truck. Or they have a whole cooking machine which they can bring to your kitchen. macdonald-service-05

Wouldn’t that be great? Ordering a chef from a restaurant to cook for you at home. Instead of delivering the food..macdonald-service-06

Note: the MacDonald’s logo is now dark green with yellow. But I like the red with yellow better. That is the real Mac.