Food diary #3 (week 36, 2017)

One and Two | A fun week this week, because Lazy Chinchilla was visiting! Remember the sweet totoro-look-a-like from Guangzhou? Well she was in the Netherlands again with her mother, to visit the old friends. And what is the best way to visit friends? With food of course! We had a lovely pizza party at another friend’s house. Talk and eat.

Three | Lazy Bear and I are frequent visitors of the TU Delft Sport Center canteen. We often eat there before badminton. This week the new canteen / cafeteria / restaurant opened their doors! A new menu, a new interior and more places to sit. The menu design is really pretty and we have already tried out 3 burgers. Burgers review is in the picture. I am already a big fan of the sweet potato fries. They feel much lighter than normal fries (and healthier in my mind).

Four | I did it. I tried another onigiri. This time the California taste. The taste was nice, but the rice… AH To Go, learn how to make rice! Or prepare less onigiris, so the rice stays fresh. Or readers: eat it more, so there will be fresh onigiris in the shelves. But still.. good job in bringing the onigiris to the Dutch supermarkets. I still love you, AH To Go.

I still have a lot of things to share, but not enough time to work on it. Coming one day: T&C Haus foodvlog, Dad’s lamb skewer video recipe, African restaurant in Delft review, …. and much more restaurant reviews. Let’s see if I can finish the T&C Haus video for next Friday. Lazy Penguin’s reaction to the food is extraordinary in this one. No spoilers.

YAY! almost weekend! Have a lovely one.

Honest Burgers – Burgers in London

The first blog post will be about the burger restaurant Honest in London. This restaurant was found during my short holiday in London. It had good reviews in the Londen Tripadviser app, so we decided to have dinner at the Honest located in Soho.

Soho Honest BurgersHonest Burgers Soho


Honest started with Tom and Philip in 2010. They wanted to serve burgers made from quality meat. And since 2011 they now have 7 locations in London. On their website they have a very nice video explaining their realising of the first restaurant.

Menu card

Their menu card is very simple, a one page diagram for the burgers on a piece of wood with elastics. On the back, one page for the drinks. The graphic layout style also comes back in their website, which I love.

IMG_0348  HonestBurgers_Drinks2-1142x1467

The food

I ordered the Honest burger: beef, red onion, relish, smoked bacon, mature cheddar, pickled cucumber and lettuce. It was so delicious, the taste and texture of the beef with the other ingredients. I was crying with every bite, because it was so good (and because of a mouth blister, but every bite was so worth the pain.) Every burger is served with rosemary salted chips. And in my life I have never eaten such yummy tasting fries. I believe every restaurant should serve their fries with rosemary. It was very xiang (= fragrent, yummy in Chinese). With the burger I ordered a ginger beer from the brand Ossie, which is lemonade with ginger. It was quite spicy, so even more hurtfull for my mouth blister.


Honest burger with rosemary salted chips


Food & Drinks      10     Too delicious to describe. Just go and eat.
Service                  8       Pleasant, hip waiters. They bring you the food.
Interior & style      9       Simple interior style: wood, white. Nice graphic design in the menu.
User experience    9       The food just forces you to be happy.

I don’t know whether I will give every restaurant a review in points. I hope to find a certain system for the stories by blogging alot.

Design a concept for Honest!

And now the fun part of these blogs. A new idea for the restaurant!
What is their main goal? How can I improve that with what I have seen during my visit?

— Start the brainstorming! —           …More to come…

Visit them!

Mon to Wed     12:00-23:00
Thur to Sat       11:45-23:00
Sun                    12:00-22:00

4a Meard Street
London W1F 0EF
+44 (0) 20 3609 9524