PuiCk ~ Around the world food in Breda

PuiCk is a small and hip restaurant in Breda which will surprise you with their food.

About half a year ago I went there with Lazy Penguin and Lazy Sloth. I was attracted to the place, because it had swings behind the window and it looked quite cozy with all the plants.

Inside we found a vintage store with all different kinds of chairs, tables and lamps.

Against the walls is a cabinet with all kinds of different food in nice design packages. Everything is for sell, even the chairs, tables and lamps.

Menu & Food

On the menu there were a lot of foreign dishes. I was craving for some noodles, so I ordered the fried noodles. The other two buddies ordered a shared plate with bread and toppings. Too be honest, I didn’t expect much, because often when I eat Asian food at a non-Asian place, it is okay food. But THIS! This was exceptionally good! The right balance of sauce, sweetness, saltiness. And the toppings of Penguin and Sloth were so tasty! Chicken something, salmon, pulled pork, eggplant and a olive oil spread. It was awesome. (I have to apologize for the vague memories, but soon I will visit PuiCk again for fresh memories :))

Stir fried Indonesian noodles

Shared platter

By now they have a new menu. They serve soups, pita bread filled with deliciousness, fresh spring rolls, Lebanese flatbread, salads and more lunch dishes. I really have to go back and try out the new menu.


What I also find special, they serve insects on the menu. You could pick for the special shared plate with worms and grasshopper. When I paid for the meal at the desk, you could also try a worm instead of a mint. It tasted hollow and starchy; needs a bit more salt 😛

Visit them!

Veemarktstraat 56, 4811 ZJ Breda
+31 (0) 76 514 3755

Mon                Closed
Tue-Sat           11.00 – 17.00
Sun                 13.00 – 16.00

Zwart Breda – Eating in the dark

No light or pretty food. Everything is dark. Only sound, smell, touch and taste can be used. Recently I went to Zwart Breda, a restaurant where you will eat in the dark. The waiters are blind or have bad eye sight.

It’s really an interesting experience, because your visual experience is now replaced with sounds and imaginations of what those sound could be. Funny though, I usually think in pictures, but now I actually shouldn’t have any pictures of the event in my head, because I never saw anything. When I think back, I can see how our table was decorated (quite empty though :P) and a rough idea of how the other tables were placed next to our table. Also how my friends were sitting across of me and next to me.

It’s dark though. Smiling is useless, you can only communicate with your voice. Talking to keep it fun. No enjoyment of the sun coming into the restaurant. No. Pitch black in a small room.

I am skipping the exact details about the food and process, because I think it’s more fun to experience it yourself. Messing with your food without anyone seeing it. Or to sleep. Nobody knows…

Visit them!

Zwart Breda
Haven 5 , 4811 WK, Breda
+31 (0)76 700 23 50


Sun-Tue      Closed
Wed-Sat     18:00-23:00