Looking back: Japan trip 2017

Looking back

So sad the trip is already over for a week. It was one of my favorite trips so far, next to Hong Kong 2016. The food was just fantastic. The people are nice and so mindful. There is a lot of sun. Toilets are the best, a very important factor when visiting a country. You can find toilets everywhere in Japan and they are so clean!

I have a lot of video footage and photos of the trip, so I have some ideas for posts. I also thought it is nice to give you guys an overview of the costs in Japan for a 2 weeks holiday. I highly recommend Japan; such a lovely, beautiful and hardworking country.

Posts planned:

  1. Japan costs for a 2 week trip
  2. Sushi video at やまに寿司 千本店 Kyoto
  3. Shichisai Tokyo ramen video
  4. Other random ideas…

Fun things of Japan

  • Anime stuff. Japan is the mother source of anime and manga. There are so many stores with merchandise of Ghibli, Yotsuba&, One Piece, Fat pig cat, Dragonball… everything..
  • Food. Everything tastes good. Ramen heaven. Yes, I got fat while eating 3 hot meals per day. No regrets…
  • Temples. I really like the simple style of Japanese temples. Not too much decorations, just simple and clean forms. Like Muji.
  • (Shops) Muji, Uniqlo and Loft. Simple style clothing and stuff. Loft is like a small mall of cool stuff.
  • Train traveling. The stations and trains are organised very well. Clean stations, clear signs of where to wait. The shinkansen (high speed) trains have comfortable chairs and clean toilets.
  • Sunny weather. In November is usually sun every day. It can become cold, so wear winter jackets in November. I thought it would be 15 Celsius degree, so we only brought our summer jackets.
  • Nature. We did not see a lot of nature in this trip. But the Fushimi Inari Taisha in the mountains was really nice to see. I know from Youtubers that Japan has beautiful nature.
  • Fashion. The people in Japan are so fashionable. The material they use for jackets is really pretty, it looks very high class. Maybe because we mainly stayed in big cities I have only seen the fashion crowd. Of course the million businessmen look fabulous in their suits.
  • Cute, kawaii. Japan is also the mother source of cuteness. I want all the kawaii stuff! Plushies, toys, stickers, pens, stationary. Oeh. They have so much stationary shops. I would have bought everything if I was still in school.

That’s it for this reminiscing post. Tomorrow I will work on the “costs in Japan” post, so hopefully I can post it tomorrow. Have a good day!

Virtual reality food

Hi guys, no post for today, so you will have to do with this VR Food.

VR food

Won’t that be cool? Seeing all that delicious food, but you can’t eat it? 😅

Tomorrow I will be posting something for this week. Maybe hotpot, maybe laksa..

See you tomorrow!

Asian food, please come to the Netherlands

These days I was thinking about all the noodle shops that have popped up the last year. And I am really happy that it’s now so easy to get a good bowl of noodles in the Netherlands (NL). But then I thought: “I want more good Asian food coming to the Netherlands!” It’s never enough, you know. So I started thinking about what that should be…

Hot pot

Strictly Dumpling is a foodvlogger I am following and he has tried a lot of hotpot restaurants in New York.

While I was watching this video I thought, yes, there should be more restaurants coming to the NL specializing in hot pot. I saw that there are some restaurants here that provide hot pot, but I have never tried them. Tonight I will be visiting Red Pepper Sichuan cuisine and it’s possible to hot pot there. So I might have my first hot pot experience in the Netherlands tonight! Keep you posted..

food trend sukiyaki hot pot

Japanese style hot pot: sukiyaki

Hot pot means: cooking different ingredients in a soup  and eat it from the pot. Usually there is a big pan of soup in the middle of the table with two soup bases, you put in whatever you want to eat and scoop it out when it is done. There is usually a sauce buffet at Chinese hot pot places, where you can create your own dipping sauce.


Soup dumplings

Dumpling is one of my favorite thing to eat. Soup dumplings are actually bao zi’s, but with soup inside and packed with a very thin dough skin. I wish Din Tai Fung would come to the Netherlands. They specialize in soup dumplings (小笼包) and they have a Michelin star for their whole franchise!


Snow shaved ice

You know shaved ice? Well snow shaved ice is more fluffy than normal shaved ice, it really feels like snow. You can find it in South-Korea (patbingsu) and Taiwan (baobing刨冰), but luckily all Asian countries have imported the dessert. This dessert is made with normal ice cream I think, but they made it in snow form. And you can top it with different fruits, flavors and other deliciousness.

food trend bingsu namu cafe

So soft, nice and cold…

You can actually get snow shaved ice in Dusseldorf (Germany). Lazy Penguin and I ate matcha and mango flavor at Namu Cafe.


Asian food trends

Luckily Asian food trends are slowly coming to Europe and the Netherlands, so I don’t need to travel to Asia to eat the good food. I am also waiting for someone to invent a teleport machine, to easily travel to Asia, have dinner and go back home.

If you guys already know places with delicious hot pot, soup dumplings or snow shaved ice, please recommend me the place! Maybe I just haven’t discovered them yet and they are just laughing “hah! we are already in the Netherlands”…

Have a lovely weekend! pig kiss

Daily food sketches and Youku

Hi guys, one month ago I started with a daily drawing challenge: draw something about food everyday (weekdays). I use my 13+5 minutes in the train to think of an idea, draw it and post it on Instagram. BAM! and it’s done. Below are a few drawings I find worth sharing. Follow me on instagram.com/lazypigpassion. (Shameless self-promotion)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For the readers from China, I have posted all “Foodventures with Lazy Penguin” on Youku.com, since YouTube can’t be accessed in China. Another shameless self-promotion.

Coming soon..

I have some good stuff in the planning: be prepared for a delicious meat restaurant, a meat recipe video and a big project in the making. Some spoilers: noodles, a Chef and Lazy Penguin. Doesn’t that sound delicious? See you guys tomorrow with a new food story ^~^ Good night~~

Passion and a business card

Hi dear Food Lovers,

Today I want to take a moment to reflect on my Lazy Pig Passion journey. The last three months I have been creating food videos and those have given me a lot of new followers on Facebook and a lot of visitors on the blog. Also I have written about Yokohama Ramen Saito, the new ramen place in Schiedam, which spread like a wild fire on Facebook. I am really happy to share delicious food places and make other people enthusiastic about it. It just give me so much happy feelings which leads to teary eyes. Can’t handle all that emotion.

I get so much energy from making the videos. The feeling of creating something beautiful and delicious for the eyes is so addicting.

Video process

Shooting the video takes about 3 hours. First we film views of the city and film the introduction parts for about 2 hours. Then at the restaurant we film the eating part for about 1 hour. It really feels like working then. You can’t leisurely enjoy the eating. But Lazy Penguin and I have agreed to keep it casual, since we are doing this for fun anyway.

Editing the video and sound is another story. On average I use 4 evenings to finish a video. Let’s say 2-3 hours per evening. So about 8-12 hours for: cutting video and ordering them, adding the right sound and music, adding special effects like text and pictures, adding the intro and outro titles. Then on the day of posting, I will add subtitles, make a thumbnail photo for the video and write a text for the blog. I think that’s about 18 hours for a video & blog post. Poeh.
A ‘normal’ photo & text blog post takes about 6 hours to make. Which is: writing the text, choosing photos, editing them, adding a logo and text. Done.

But, those 18 hours don’t feel like working for me. It feels like having fun. I think I have found my passion. […]
Wow, can you cry because of happiness? Because I think it just happened. Or I am feeling very emotional listening to BIGBANG songs. Ah, internet says it can happen. Good to know I am not being weird.

Dear readers, I hope one day you can also find your passion and cry about it. It’s not that hard, just DO stuff and eventually it will find you. If you already know your passion: Great! Keep working on it.

To celebrate the growing audience I am making a business card for Lazy Penguin and myself to promote us more at restaurants. Here is a preview:

If you have some feedback for the business card, let me know! Critical feedback is always good.

Well people, this was quite an emotional post… Up to the next food story!

Have a good day!

Japanese food videos

Since I will be visiting Japan in November I am binge watching videos about Japanese food. I follow a few YouTubers who either live in Japan, or are foodvloggers and have traveled to Japan to eat. Below I share some of their mouthwatering videos. Enjoy!

Simon and Martine (Eat Your Kimchi) live in Japan and share their food stories (and life stories). I just want to eat all the things they have shared.

Mark Wiens (Migrationology) travels all over the world and has a famous tilt-to-side-food-enjoying movement. When I saw his Tsukiji Market video, I was smiling from ear to ear, seeing all those pretty food visuals.

Mikey Chen (Strictly Dumpling) loves to eat. He works out a lot, to eat a lot. Good life goal.

Chris Broad (Abroad in Japan) is a British guy living in Japan and makes informative, funny, sarcastic videos.

This Great Big Story video is short, but very informative and is nicely edited. Also a lot of respect to the curry chef making his fresh rice and curry everyday for his vending machine.

How to do art

This is not really food related, but I find this video very inspiring in how to keep on improving your art. Or any other skill.
Also I really like the art style. I would like to have these kind of drawing skills one day.

With this blog I am also practicing ‘art’ stuff, so I hope one day I can call myself an artist and put my art in a museum.