Why Lazy Pig Passion?

Welcome to my little space on the internet!

Steps to Goal-04

29 January 2016
This blog is a place where I can explore anything related to food, design and stuff I like…

I try to post something every Friday. If not, then I will probably post something in the weekend.

25 September 2014
A long time ago, somewhere in 2011 I came up with a Lazy Pig, which is me and I created a logo for him: Lazy Pig Passion. I am lazy, but I want to be passionate about the things I work on.

Nowadays I want to create my own website about restaurants and cafes, because I love to visit them and to understand their concept and foods. With this website I want to show the world what kind of restaurants and cafes I have visited and what I think of them. Also for every restaurant and cafe I will create new ideas for them. Why? Because I can and I think it’s fun.
I have a background as industrial designer and I thought it would be nice to combine design with food.
Steps to Goal-01Steps to Goal-03Steps to Goal-02


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