Why Lazy Pig Passion?

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In 2016 I started blogging every week, because I wanted to do something creative with my life. I used my love for food as main topic and whatever I created about food would be okay to post on the blog. This resulted in restaurant reviews, recipes, food diaries, drawings and holiday food stories.

In 2017 I said to Lazy Penguin, let’s go to Düsseldorf for a few days to eat and try out Takumi’s ramen. And we made a video about the ramen. That was my first taste of making food videos. I enjoyed the video making process so much, that I made 15 videos more about food. With The Magic of Ramen video as big success.

In 2018 I will make more food videos. I am experimenting with editing, story telling and different video formats. On this blog you can expect stories about video ideas, the process and the results. And not to forget, stories about food.

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Follow me on my YouTube channel for the newest food videos. For the readers in China, you can follow me on Youku. On Instagram I share my food drawings.

If you want to know more about Lazy Pig, read my old “Why” stories here. Here is a small history story through my notebook snippets.

Have a good time on the blog!

Lazy Pig 🐷, 8 March 2018

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