(video) Utrecht food tour 2022

New YouTube video! In December 2022 we went on a no-plan food tour in Utrecht and we started at Voglia where we learned about sourdough pizza. And then we ate it! Too bad Voglia is closed today (sorry, I was taking my time with the editing), but it was a delicious soft gooey pizza with blue cheese, spicy honey and onions.
Then we went to Sec (Libre Caves) to learn about natural wines. And we ended at Papi’s Comfort food for some meaty sandwiches. It was a fun food tour and we learned a lot about natural fermented food. Enjoy the video!

Visit them

🍕 Voglia is unfortunately permanently closed

🍷 Libre Cave (Wine and sake shop)
Kintgenshaven 1, Utrecht

🍴 Papi’s Sandwich Shack
Korte Minrebroederstraat 5, Utrecht

Dancer at Papi’s: https://www.instagram.com/denzel_crockerr

Next video?

I have two ideas for a next video. One about sharpening knives and one about Tomasu, the soy sauce made in the Rotterdam! But Lazy Penguin and I still need to plan all the filming. So coming soon…

Have a great day! ^^ It’s good to be back making videos and eating stuff. Mwahahaha…

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