(video) Foo concepts and &Tea in Rotterdam

In this video Lazy Penguin and I visited two Asian dessert places in Rotterdam: Foo Concepts and &Tea. 

Bubble waffles and onigiri at Foo concepts

At Foo concepts you can immerse yourself into an Asian vibe with cool anime illustrations, K-pop music and of course delicious Asian fusion foods like onigiris (sushi sandwich), bubble waffle desserts and savory bubble waffles. They also serve all kinds of bubble teas. 


Foo concepts bubble waffle matcha brownie dessert
Bubble waffle matcha brownie
sushi sandwich kimchi tuna onirigi foo concepts
Sushi sandwich kimchi tuna
bubble waffle smoked salmon Foo concepts Rotterdam
Bubble waffle smoked salmon

In the video we had the Bubble waffle matcha brownie, Bubble waffle smoked salmon and Sushi sandwich kimchi tuna. I really enjoyed the savory items. It is a good mix of Asian flavors with Dutch ingredients. I am usually not a big ‘zoetekauw’ (sweet tooth), but I really enjoyed all the textures and different flavors of the Bubble waffle matcha brownie. The matcha taste was really good. 

Previously I have also visited Foo concepts for their high tea. Their high tea is a mix of sweets and savory foods, so you can try a lot. A recommended high tea!


Drinks Foo concepts
Left to right: Mango coconut bubble latte (hot), Matcha bubble latte, Yuzu and mango green icetea

What we didn’t show in the video was the drinks. But the drinks are not too sweet (=very good) and also have flavors that reminded us of Asia.
The Mango coconut bubble latte is as Lazy Penguin described it: “The milk is creamy, a mix of cow milk and coconut milk. There is this mango dancing, then there are these background dancers with milky flavors and sometimes you have these coconut *pop* *pop* *pop*.” There were also tapioca balls in the drink, but I think the drink would be nicer without the ballz.

The Matcha bubble latte was less sweet than the Mango latte and had sweet tapioca balls. That was a nice combination. It was a refreshing drink for a hot summer day.

The Yuzu mango green icetea had bits of yuzu, so you have to stir before drinking. The drink also had lychee bubbles that popped in your mouth. Lazy Penguin: “The Yuzu flavor tastes very Asian. A citrussy green tea with a bit of sweetness.”

Boardgames and shopping

Besides eating and drinking, it is also possible to play boardgames with your friends there. Foo has an assortment of board games (borrowed from Tabletop Kingdom). Also all the cute products hanging on the walls are for sale.

Foo Concepts
Hoogstraat 67A, 3011 PH Rotterdam
Website      Facebook      Instagram

Mon, Tue, Thu 11:00-12:30
Mon-Thu    16:00-21:00
Fri-Sun      11:00-21:00

Taiwanese bubble teas at &Tea 与茶

At &Tea you can get all kinds of Taiwanese bubble teas and tea drinks. Bubble tea has always been a favorite drink of the Lazy family. And &Tea is now our favorite place for us getting a good bubble tea; not too sweet, smooth tea flavor and perfect tapioca balls.

bubble tea &Tea yucha Rotterdam taro latte cheese foam tea
From left to right: Jasmine peach strawberry cheese foam, Early grey bubble tea, Taro milk tea.

We usually don’t order fruity tea drinks, it’s always Early grey bubble tea. But for the video we also tried some other drinks.

The cheese foam topping has been a trend three years ago in China. At least, that was the first time I heard about it and tried it. The cheese foam is cream cheese, I think, with a bit of salt. The density was perfect for me, fluffy and not too heavy. If you try this for the first time, you need to get used to the salty cream cheese. You would expect it to be sweet. I thought it was a nice contrast with the sweet strawberries. When you mix the drink it becomes more like a smoothie. I didn’t have any expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised.


&Tea Yucha Rotterdam menu 2021 bubble tea dinks
Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem and Utrecht

Since &Tea has opened in Rotterdam, they have started a lot of stores in the Netherlands. They are now also in Amsterdam, Delft, Haarlem and Utrecht.

&Tea Yucha
Rotterdam, Oppert 294
Amsterdam, Raamsteeg 2
Delft, Brabantse Turfmarkt 45
Haarlem, Grote Houtstraat 4
Utrecht, Mariastraat 45

Monday closed, Tue-Sun 12:00 – 18:00
Website Instagram

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