(List) Bubble Tea shops in the Netherlands

In 2020 I am seeing so many new bubble tea shops opening up in the Netherlands. What happened?! I guess there is this craving for (good) bubble tea and people thought “let’s do it myself”… and bam! Suddenly a lot of bubble tea shops popped up. 

What is bubble tea?

For the people who never had bubble tea, in 2016 I wrote a story about the history and the taste of bubble tea. Back in the day… bubble tea was just starting to bubble up in the Netherlands.

Where to find bubble tea?


Den Haag







If you know any place which isn’t on the list, let me know and I will add it to the list.

Thank you for your tips: Gretchen, Foo Concepts and imaginebobas.

2 thoughts on “(List) Bubble Tea shops in the Netherlands

    • &Tea in Rotterdam is my favourite place. Lily’s bubble tea and T&C Haus in Den Haag were also nice. I haven’t visited a lot of places yet, so can’t say much about the rest. And I only judge/drink the original bubble tea: milk tea with tapioca.

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