What to eat in Disneyland Paris as a foodie

We went to Disneyland Paris for a few days and relived all the old and new Disney movies through fun and exiting rides. Besides falling up and down in Tower of Terror and being a mouse in the Ratatouille ride, we also had our breakfast, lunch and dinner in or near the park. And I have to say, they were also ups and downs with the food.

Rainforest Café in Disney Village

I guess Disneyland is all about the magic. Rainforest Café is also a magical place. When you enter the restaurant you step into a shop where they sell all kinds of animal stuff: shirts, books, pens, toys etc. A bit further they have two big aquarium pillars with fish. And when you walk further you are in the jungle with parrots, elephants and more. Every now and then, thunder and lightning would crack in the jungle. The experience was really cool. There were a lot of families in this restaurant.

Food at Rainforest Cafe in Disneyland Paris
Tortilla tower and pasta at Rainforest Cafe

The food however was bland, dry and not-tasty. I ordered a pasta, but it felt like they just tossed the ingredients together and didn’t flavour it with salt or other taste makers. What a shame. Lazy Bear had tortillas which he could assemble by himself with meat, veggies and sauces. The meat was dry and not salty enough. 

This was a 4/10 meal for me. The price in total with 2 drinks was 60 euro. The service and atmosphere was a 8/10. Quick and friendly service. I would suggest to order a burger here. (Sorry Disneyland, I am quite harsh about the food.)

Fastfood Burgers in Disney Studio 1

For lunch we had burgers and fries inside Disney Studio. Disney Studio 1 is a colorful alleyway with on the right the fastfood area and on the left a big shop. The front has fake fronts of buildings, so it looks like you are walking in a street filled with shops.

Burger menu at Disney Studio in Disneyland Paris
Two burger menus in Disney Studio

I had a normal menu with burger, fries, a Magnum ice cream and a coke. Lazy Bear had the Halloween burger menu, which had a green bun, fries, a chocolate mousse and a coke. The fries didn’t have any salt, so it tasted bland and it did not have a flavorful potato taste. The burger was alright: the patty tasted like a Burger King patty. Not a lot of sauce. Magnum tasted like magnum. The menu’s were 16 and 19 euro. Overall 6/10 for the fastfood quality. 7/10 for environment. The tables were a bit shabby and not very clean. 

From now on, it will get better.

Earl of Sandwich in Disney Village

Earl of Sandwich interior Disneyland Paris
Earl of Sandwich second floor interior

This was the best sandwich I ever had. Warm and crunchy bread (because they make the bread while you order), filled with tasty ingredients. Ah, this was really a nice breakfast and lunch place. Apparently Earl of Sandwich is a franchise and they have served sandwiches for already 250 years. Their website: “In 1762, John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich®, invented the meal that changed dining forever.”

Hawaiian BBQ sandwich at Earl of Sandwich
Hawaiian BBQ sandwich

I had the Chipotle chicken avocado, the Italian and a bite from the Hawaiian BBQ. The Chipotle chicken avocado was the best of the three; juicy chicken, soft avocado and cheddar cheese. A sandwich costs around 7 euro. Too bad they only have franchises in the United States and Disneyland Paris. Don’t miss this sandwich place if you visit Disney. It’s outside the parks and inside the Disney Village. The sandwiches were 10/10 (rating only sandwiches) and interior was 9/10. A world-exploring theme with a lot of nice tables and chairs.

Annette’s Diner in Disney Village

Annette’s Diner interior

This was a pleasant dinner in a diner. The interior is pink and shiny like an American diner from the 1950’s. The waitress was serving with roller blades. It was fun to see. I ordered The Fab’ulous Blue Cheese Burger with a real lemonade made from lemon. Lazy Bear had The Bacon Chili Cheese burger and a coffee milkshake.

The Fab'ulous Blue Cheese Burger Annette's Diner Disneyland paris
The Fab’ulous Blue Cheese Burger menu

The fries were really good, you could taste the potato. The burgers were also much better than the burger in Disney Studio. The price was 19 euro for a burger and 3-5 euro for a drink. The food here was 8/10 and service 8/10. I would definitely eat here again. 

Vivi Nem at Val d’Europe

After eating average food at Disneyland, I wanted to eat some quality food. So for the second dinner I found a Vietnamese restaurant on Google Maps with high reviews, Vivi Nem. This restaurant was at Val d’Europe, one train stop further from Disneyland Paris. This was such nice comfort food after eating burgers and fries at Disney.

Vivi Nem at Val d'Europe interior
Vivi Nem interior

The owner told us that all the recipes are from his mother and family and that they opened in June 2019. Before they had a food truck. We had a Pho Boeuf and Bo Bun Boeuf. The pho soup was really nice, not that salty as I am used to from Rotterdam, but more on the sweet side and deep. The Bo Bun Boeuf is a rice noodle salad with beef and fried egg rolls. Sweet, salty and sour, not very intense, but just enough taste. The egg rolls really have egg in them! All the food tasted like home-made food, not too salty, but just the right amount of flavors. It’s hard to describe. Maybe it’s the freshness of ingredients?

pho boeuf and Bo Bun Boeuf at Vivi Nem
Pho Boeuf and Bo Bun Boeuf

The owner is also very friendly. He explained the menu and gave us suggestions for what’s most tasty. (Beef!) I also had a fruit drink “100% Caribbean Queen Ginger Passion Pineapple”. Fruity and no added sugars or other stuff. Apparently you can also buy these fruit drinks in the Netherlands. Great! I will definitely buy them again. Overall the food was 9/10, interior and service 9/10. The price was 29,50 for the two dishes and two drinks.

Vivi Nem menu 2019 November
Vivi Nem menu (click for bigger picture)


Since we were in France I had high hopes for the food in Disneyland, but it was alright. The fast food inside the parks was okay to keep my tummy full, but I wouldn’t go there if I want to eat something tasty. Then I would go to Disney Village and get a burger from Annette’s Diner or a sandwich from Earl of Sandwich. Perhaps the other restaurants in Disneyland are nice, but I didn’t dare to try them. The reviews on the internet were positive and negative. And whenever there are negatives reviews about the food, I doubt it will be tasty.

Vivi Nem was a nice gem outside of the Disney area and also cheaper than the food in Disneyland. At Val d’Europe there are more choices in restaurants and cafes. We also enjoyed a nice bubble tea at BB.Tea.

There are much more restaurants at Disneyland Paris that I haven’t tried. So here are some other blog posts about the food in Disney: ohmyfoodness.nl and wereldvolmagie.nl. Both sites are in Dutch.

All in all, Disneyland was a fun experience! I will also write a Tips for Disneyland blog post soon. I have missed you guys, invisible people reading the blog. See you in the next post! Have a good day!

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