Goodbye Friday stories, hello passion

In 2017 I told myself that I had to post something on the blog every Friday, in order to push myself to create stuff for the blog. I consistently posted something every week since 2017 till now. 

But I don’t like to write blog posts anymore. All the stories from the last months felt forced and there is no passion behind the story.

In 2018 I made a new goal: I wanted to make more videos. But because of this rule “post something every Friday”, I couldn’t properly use my Fridays to work on videos. I usually use half a day to write, edit photos and promote a blog post. So after one year of crying on the inside, I have decided to “not post something every Friday” anymore. 

Instead, I will work on videos and other projects on Friday. And so now and then I will post a story. No more fixed day for a story, but whenever I feel like it.

I hope that my passion to write about food will come back again and that the stories will be more fun for you guys to read. 

It feels like I am saying goodbye, but I won’t be gone, just less visible on the blog. 

Have a good Friday and see you in the next story. 

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