Xi’an menu set

While we were filming at Cate Dak Chinese Café 不了秦 I learned from Chris Zhang about a typical Xi’an menu set with: liang pi zi 凉皮子(cold and chewy rice noodles), rou jia mo 肉夹馍 (pork hamburger) and BingFeng soda 冰峰汽水 (orange soda).

You can find this menu set everywhere in Xi’an. For people who need a quick bite during lunch or to cool down from the summer heat. It has spicy noodles to sweat more, meat to satisfy your hunger and a cold drink to cool you down.

Cate dak liang pi, rou jia mo, fanta drawing

Since The Netherlands doesn’t have BingFeng soda, it was replaced by a cold Fanta.

I am not sure whether Cate Dak will create such a menu, but you can order all the things separate and create your own menu.

Cate dak liang pi, rou jia mo, fanta
Own made menu

Their other delicious food is biang biang noodles, read my story about it here.

Drawing process

  • Drawing sketch menu set
  • line drawing cate dak
  • Cate dak liang pi, rou jia mo, fanta drawing

I used photos of the food as reference and used a pencil to sketch the best composition (photo 1). Then I used black fineliners to draw the lines (photo 2). And finally I used watercolour to give it more color (photo 3). In the end the Fanta looked more popping than the food, so I added more color to the cold noodles.

Usually on Instagram I spend 10 minutes on a black and white drawing. Now I spend 1.5 hour on drawing and coloring.

Enjoy the hot summer weekend and see you next week!

Visit them!

不了秦 中式面艺咖啡厅 Cate Dak Chinese Café
Oostplein 115, Rotterdam
☎ : 06 268 921 98

Every day 12:00-14:30 17:00-20:30
Tuesdays closed

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