Food diary july 2019

I don’t have access to a PC at the moment, so I am digging in my phone photos to see what kind of interesting things I have eaten these days. Here are some mini food stories.

Coconut mango smoothie

Lazy Nightingale brought me to Ruby, a Surinamese restaurant in Dordrecht. They have awesome food. Their mango coconut smoothie is really delicious. A creamy and icy coconut layer on top and I think fresh mango juice at the bottom. It was such a nice sweet treat. I will write a longer blogpost for them to show you the rest of the food.

Pana cotta passion fruit

I had this dessert at Bertman Centrum in Rotterdam. The pana cotta part was very soft and fluid, but it matched really well with the passion fruit jam layer on top. The mix of nuts gave every bite different tastes and crunches. I would definitely eat this again. Maybe I will try to make it myself.

Chicken soup

There was a wave of sickness a few weeks ago and I also picked up some flu. I made a chicken soup inspired by Japanese ramen soup. Which is browning the tastemakers before you put them in the soup. In my case that was the onion, spring onion, garlic and peppers. It turned out quite nice. As veggies I added cauliflower, carrot and mushroom. Recommended sickness soup.

Fresh oysters

Did you know you can go to Zierikzee and harvest oysters near the sea? You can just pick them up for free! A good friend of ours got a full big bucket and we enjoyed them steamed with some garlic, ginger and dark soy sauce. Delicious!

Well, it’s almost Saturday. Wishing you a lovely weekend!

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