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In the last tofu video Lazy Penguin showed you two tofu recipes, but actually we filmed three recipes and today I am sharing recipe number three. An easy stir fry tofu recipe with fish sauce. Plus some extra info about tofu.

I actually never cook with tofu. But one day wandering around in the Chinese supermarket, I thought “let’s buy some fresh tofu and try to cook something with it”. I also just got my Vietnam souvenir from Lazy Penguin, which was fish sauce. (The best souvenir is of course food; yummy experiences.) And I decided that my first dish with the fish sauce would be a tofu stir fry. I have never made this dish before, but I expected the fish sauce to be salty enough to give the tofu a nice taste. And it did!

Recipe: stir fry tofu with fish sauce

– 1 tofu block
– 1 spring onion / garlic
– fish sauce
– oil
– salt

I used soft tofu, because I like the smooth texture of soft tofu.


1. Cut the tofu in blocks. Cut some spring onion.
2. Add oil in a hot wok. I always add spring onion first to get the nice fragrant of spring onion in the oil. Stir for about 30 seconds.
3. Add the tofu. Stir for about 2 minutes and then add the fish sauce. About 2/3 splashes. Stir for about 2 minutes more. Taste it and add more fish sauce or salt if needed. And done! Quite easy and you get tasty tofu.

Hot day

Wish you all a refreshing cold day. Don’t get overheated in this 38 degree Celsius summer heat. I recommend a lot of icecream, cinema with aircon and water.

See you next week!

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