In progress: tofu recipe video

To be honest, I don’t eat or cook that much with tofu, because I never know how to make tasty tofu. I often make it too bland. But Lazy Penguin is here for the rescue! He his here to proof to you that tofu is not a boring ingredient. Currently I am editing that video.

Tofu video coming soon lazy penguin

In the video Lazy Penguin will create three dishes. Dish one is a cold dish with 1000 year duck egg and coriander. Those are two ingredients which can be new for a lot of people, but mixing these three ingredients together with a few dashes of soy sauce is so delicious. It’s one of my favorite ways to eat tofu.

The second dish is a simple and safe tofu dish with soy sauce. And the third dish is a stir fry with fish sauce. Stay tuned for a new video.

More videos

We also reached out to two restaurants for more filming: Cate Dak Chinese Cafe and Tensai Ramen. Xi’an cuisine and Japanese ramen. If you haven’t tried the places yet, you are missing out!

More Chef documentaries are coming your way. Enjoy your Friday!

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