Recipe: es campur

While I am writing this blogpost I am enjoying a small bowl of sweet es campur. Okay, let’s explain this recipe! 

es campur recipe

This recipe is from my friend Lazy Sheep, he has Indonesian roots and he made this for us a few years ago. I loved it and I can eat this forever! That means a lot for a dessert, because usually I don’t want to eat a lot of dessert. I enjoy salty stuff more. But this! I can eat this every day. And I will, because I made a big pan of it and Lazy Bear doesn’t like it. Muahaha… More for me.

What I like about this recipe is that there are a lot of soft and chewy textures; something that I really enjoy in food. And I like the just-sweet-enough and fruity-coconut taste. 

es campur ingredients

The ingredients

  • 1 can of jackfruit
  • 1 can of grass jelly
  • 1 pack of frozen young coconut milk with grated coconutmeat
  • 1 can of palm seeds

I was interested to see where all these canned stuff comes from. Here are the fruits and greens in their natural state:

jackfruit palm seeds coconut grass jelly

All of these ingredients can be bought at the Chinese supermarket. I bought it all from the Amazing Oriental, as you might have seen in the previous post

How to make it

Open the cans and package, cut it in smaller pieces and mix everything together. That wasn’t that hard, right? Well let’s share some more insights about the steps.

1. Frozen coconut juice

The frozen coconut juice is perfect for making the dessert refreshing. You don’t need any ice cubes that will delude the dessert. Open the pack and drop it in a big pan. When the ice has melted a bit, take out the coconut meat and cut it up in bite size pieces. 

2. Grass jelly

Cut the grass jelly in small blocks and put everything in the pan. You can pour in the black juice too. The jelly is quite slippery, but oh-so-shiny and straight. The feeling of the knife cutting through is so satisfying. This canned grass jelly almost has no taste. It taste a bit like a light tea. It’s made from the plant Chinese mesona (Platostoma palustre), which is family of the mint. 

es campur grass jelly

3. Jackfruit

Pour the syrup of the jackfruit can in the bowl. It will give the ‘soup’ the sweet taste. Cut the jackfruit in small strips. Dump it all in the pan.

es campur jackfruit

4. Palm’s seeds

The syrup from this can is too thick. I don’t want it in the soup, so I wash the seeds. Put it in the pan. 

es campur palm's seeds

Mix everything up and your dessert is ready. Lazy Sheep also added rose syrup, but I don’t have that. I love the soft jelly texture. The palm’s seeds are a bit chewy. The coconut is a little bit crunchy and sometimes the jackfruit is also chewy. I love all the variation in textures, but if you don’t enjoy jelly textures or chewyness like mochi, then this dessert is not for you.

Es campur durian

At Pempek Elysha (the best Indonesian restaurant in the Netherlands according to Indonesian friends) I had an es campur with durian and avocado.

es campur durian pempek elysha
Es campur durian from Pempek Elysha

Durian is something that I am learning to love. Durian has a very strong and overwhelming smell and I still have to get used to it. My goal is to try it 10 times and see whether I will love it. I tried it 2 out of 10 times already.
Avocado in a dessert is also very interesting. It gives the dessert a creamy texture and you don’t taste much of it.

If you haven’t had durian before, then I recommend you to try the es campur durian. It’s a whole new food experience 😀

Have a good weekend my sweet readers, it’s going to be a hot one. Oeh, perfect to make this dessert.

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