Amazing Oriental haul

Lazy Bear and I went to the biggest Asian supermarket in the Netherlands: Amazing Oriental in The Hague – Yppenburg and it was food heaven! We went all out and bought all the delicious stuff that you only can buy at an Asian supermarket. Here is my Amazing Oriental haul:

Taiwanese food

Amazing oriental haul Taiwanese food

These pancakes are frozen-ready-made-dough with spring onions. Heat some oil in a pan, put in a frozen dough pancake. Wait a few minutes till brownish and done! Easy and simple meal with some veggie and meat.
The mochi is a soft and sweet dessert blob. This one has a green tea flavour.

Chinese food (+veggies)

Amazing oriental haul Chinese food

I love ready-made dumplings. It’s also easy to prepare:
Bowl water in a pan, add the dumplings. Wait till you see bubbles, add half a glass of cold water. Wait for another time of bubbles, add another half glass of cold water. When it bubbles a 3rd time, it’s done!
Dumplings are delicious, but they are very time consuming to make. So these are perfect for getting your dumpling fix. They are not the best dumplings ever, because those are our homemade dumplings, but a good alternative.

The left veggies are gai lan, a.k.a. Chinese broccoli. They have sweet stems. Blanche the veggies for 2-5 minutes. Add oyster sauce, oil-boiled-spring onions and a little bit of soy sauce.
The right veggie is Kong xin cai (hollow vegetables). Stir fry with garlic and/or spring onion. Add a bit of oyster sauce or salt. They are delicious and crunchy veggies.

Indonesian food

Amazing oriental haul Indonesian food

I learned about es campur from a friend. His recipe was: palm’s seeds, jackfruit, black jelly, frozen young coconut and rose syrup. It’s fruity, cold, jelly-like and sweet. It’s so refreshing for a summer day. Can’t wait to make this gigantic dessert, because it’s a lot if you put all the cans together. I will share the result on Instagram.

Japanese food

Amazing oriental haul Japanese food

They have a lot of special tastes KitKat now at the Oriental! They know we want it. Lazy Bear bought the chestnut KitKat.

The seaweed is for making sushi, rice balls or an onigirazu. (Oh, I just noticed the yellow pickled radish is Korean branded.) I am planning to use the radish for sushi and as instant ramen topping.

The happy-face-pack is rice ball sprinkles. It’s dried seaweeds and salt. It will give the rice more taste.

The glass ball soda is Ramune which has a glass marble that you have to pop in the top to open the bottle. It’s fun, but not my favorite drink. I rather have a milky Calpis.

Korean food

Amazing oriental haul korean food

Hooray! My house was out of soybean paste and hot pepper paste (gochujang), but now I can make spicy and salty meat again. Hmm.. that doesn’t sound very tasty. But mixing these two pastes together and marinating meat is so good!
Further I bought a small can of kimchi, because I haven’t tried this brand yet. The sweet potato noodles is nice for a stir fry meal or to put in a hotpot.

What kind of things do you guys usually buy at the Asian supermarket? It’s always nice to learn about new delicious food.

Time to eat! See you next week!

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