Intermittent fasting conclusion

It’s Friday and today is my last intermittent fasting day of the 7 days. At 11:45 I am eagerly looking at the clock, because I can eat at 12:00 again. At 12:00 I munch down a banana and make my stomach a bit less grumpy.

I have to say, losing fat with intermittent fasting is quite easy. I can see that my legs have slimmed down. But I think if you stop with fasting and eat like normal again, the fat will come back.

intermittent fasting skip breakfast

Did you feel better, because of fasting? I mainly feel hungry in the morning, happy during lunch because I can eat again. And a little bit sad in the evening, because I can’t snack after 20:00. But I do feel good about losing fats, though the difference it not that big. 

Will you continue with the intermittent fasting? Nah, I want to eat in the morning again. Maybe, I will eat a bit less, but I want to decide when to eat.

Future projects

It’s time to make some videos again! I am missing it. Lazy Penguin is soon back in the Netherlands and we will continue to roam the country for good food. And do some more things with that Ramen Community project. Maybe a fusion with video?…
See you next week!

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