Intermittent fasting diary

stomach happiness

A colleague called the intermittent fasting “forgetting breakfast” and that describes it exactly. A planned “forgetting breakfast” and “no more food after 20:00”-rule. 

I have to say, this intermittent fasting is way easier than doing the Ramadan-fasting. Ramadan is no eating and no DRINKING when the sun is up. Waiting to drink water again was the hardest part.

With intermittent fasting it is okay to drink water, tea or coffee. Just no sugars in your drink. The idea is to let your body ‘starve’ for 12 hours or longer. Then your cells start to work on fat and start to go into saving mode. They will also start cleaning away cell-trash instead of breaking down new incoming food. This is all according to info on the web. I don’t know if it’s true, but it sounds believable.
My experiences these days is feeling hungry till 12:00, then I can eat again and everything is well. I do think I eat less calories, because I can’t snack in the morning or after dinner. 

Thoughts during the day

Day 1 – weekend

Today I am waiting till 14:00 to eat something, so I can still eat till 22:00. It’s now 12:30 and I am starting to get a headache. I think now my body wants food. I drank enough, so I think my body is craving food. I can feel my stomach howling.

Day 2 – weekend

Today I waited till 12:00 to eat. The growling in my stomach wasn’t that intense like yesterday, but to keep myself busy I started to clean the house. I have to say, intermittent fasting doesn’t have a big impact on my life. My life routine is almost the same, except no eating before 12:00. I can still eat whatever I want between 12:00 and 20:00.
[21:00] I forgot that I can’t drink lemonade after 20:00. I also can’t eat snacks after 20:00. I guess it’s good for dieting. 

Day 3 – working day

I have a growling stomach at 8:45. I am getting hungry from drawing food and looking at food photos. My stomach is just like a monster in his cave. “Give me foooood! …No?! Then i will just use the leftovers that I still have here. Dammyou body-person! I will have my revenge..”
At 10:00 I feel more energized to work. Is it because of no after-breakfast-dip? 

happiness graph of my stomach

Day 4 and day 5 are just feeling hungry till 12:00. 

Before this intermittent fasting challenge I haven’t felt a growling stomach for a long time, because I am fortunate enough to always eat whenever I feel like. What a luxury. 

Friday I will tell you the conclusion of intermittent fasting for 7 days.

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