Ramen community – Research (1)

For now I have three directions to explore:

  1. Collect all the ramen restaurants in the world
  2. How is the food? The story behind the food?
  3. What are the benefits of joining the ramen community?

1. Ramen Google Maps

It’s very easy to use Google Maps for finding and saving all the ramen restaurants. I have started a ramen map. If you know any restaurants which are not on the map, please share it in the questionnaire below or in a comment. I will put it on the map.
For now I am starting with the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the end every ramen restaurant in the world will be on the map.

ramen Google maps
Open the ramen Google Maps

2. How is the food?

How is the ramen at the restaurant? What is the menu? How is the service? Food bloggers usually answer these questions. So I thought it would be nice to also have all the food blog stories of the ramen restaurants in one place.

3. Benefits of community?

A place to talk about ramen. A place to share all the nice ramen spots. A place to show the food and the chef. What is the benefit of joining this community? What is the added value?

First I would like to know why you would want to join the community. (Or why not?) What would you like to see on this ‘platform’? Please fill in the short questionnaire below to help with the development of the community.

Other communities

Apparently there are already dozens of Facebook ramen groups, mainly Japanese groups, a few English groups and a Dutch group.
On Reddit there is a reddit/ramen group. They post mainly photos of ramen from restaurants and homemade ramen.

The research will continue… See you next week!

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