Why Lazy Pig Passion? Ramen community

We are already 4,5 months into 2019, so it’s time to make a new ‘Why Lazy Pig Passion’-story. After three years of blogging about food, my goal with the blog has become more clear. My goal in the beginning was: doing creative stuff about food. Now my goal has evolved into: making people happy by sharing the food love.

Making people happy: I think meeting new people is fun, so I want to connect people with people through food.
Sharing: Sharing delicious food and good times together.
Food love: Food is really awesome and pleasant if you get to know it. It allows you to experience someone’s else experience. Experiencing new cultures through food.

Food will be the common ground for everyone to enjoy.

Ramen community

I have a new big project. Finding all the ramen restaurants in the world! The love for ramen has really grown these last few years in the Netherlands. And by working together we can create a community and platform where people can share the ramen love. 

Since there is already Google Maps and TripAdvisor, where you can find all the ramen restaurants in the world. What is the benefit of another website? Yes, that is a very good question. A question that I first have to answer in this project. 

I will treat this project as a design project:

  1. Market research, what websites are there already about ramen of other food. Are there other food communities?
  2. User research, who will be the target group? who has a lot of knowledge about ramen? what do people want to know about ramen? what does the target group want?
  3. Problem / opportunity, this will come out from the user research
  4. Ideas, brainstorming new ideas. Maybe it won’t be a website in the end, but something different…
  5. Concept development, making a prototype
  6. Testing product, testing the prototype with people
  7. Iterate till done, refining the product till it’s done

I will first focus on the ramen in the Netherlands. Then slowly add the rest of the world… On the blog I will keep you guys updated about the process.

If you are interested in joining this ramen project. Let me know in a comment below or via Facebook or Instagram. The more people, the better. 

Have a good Easter weekend!

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