Biang biang noodles at Cate Dak Chinese Café 不了秦 中式面艺咖啡厅

A restaurant in the Netherlands that puts itself on Google Maps with Chinese characters? Yes! That is Cate Dak or 不了秦 中式面艺咖啡厅. Cate Dak serves some awesome, authentic, hand-pulled noodles. I love it so much! It really tastes like a piece of China in Rotterdam. *pings tear away*

Biang biang noodles, da pan ji and Lanzhou beef noodle soup

The food

Biang biang noodles, a belt-broad-like noodle. A specialty of the province Shanxi in China. Now you can eat these noodles and specialties like pork burger (肉夹馍rou jia mo) and cold noodles (凉皮liang pi) in Rotterdam.

I tried the hot oil noodle 油泼面, the most basic one. The fragrance of the hot oil and the combination of soy sauce and vinegar on the noodle was salty, sweet and very spicy. Even for me. But a flavour that reminds me of China. Lazy Penguin had the Xi’an 3 in 1 noodle 西安三合一拌面 and that one was savoury and salty.

Catedak Xi'an 3 in 1 noodle 西安三合一拌面
Xi’an 3 in 1 noodle 西安三合一拌面

We actually asked for the broadest noodle size (without the split in the middle), which was a bit hard to hold up with your chopsticks because of the weight. The noodle itself was chewy and thicker than what I had in China, but very fun and challenging to gobble down. Next time I will just keep it with the normal size. 🙂

We also tried the pork burger 肉夹馍. For me it tasted alright. I never have been a fan of the pork burger, because its fatty meat and dry bun. I prefer the noodles.

Rougamo pork bun 肉夹馍
Rougamo, pork bun 肉夹馍

The tea was of high quality. You don’t feel any bitterness on your tongue. Just smoothness and fragrance flavours. To keep it Chinese; you can get free hot water refills.

The chef who is pulling the noodles is from Xi’an and he makes the pulling look so simple. [Remembering my own noodle pulling time..]

Catedak menu 2019 不了秦 中式面艺咖啡厅

All in all, it was a great eating experience! Now I don’t need to perfect my biang biang noodle skills as soon as possible anymore. I can just visit Catedak and be lazy. If you are ever in Rotterdam, come and eat! You won’t regret it!

Catedak counter Rotterdam

Also I forgot to mention. They play traditional Chinese music and they have contemporary art from China on the walls. That gives the restaurant a nice atmosphere.

Visit them!

不了秦 中式面艺咖啡厅 Cate Dak Chinese Café
Oostplein 115, Rotterdam
☎ : 06 268 921 98

Every day 12:00-14:30 17:00-20:30
Tuesdays closed

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