Food diary #5 bolus and peanuts

I am going through my photos and I am seeing some interesting food photos, so today some short food stories.

1. Zeeuwse Bolus

Zeeuwse bolus

At work whenever a director is celebrating his birthday, he will treat the employees with something sweet. This is a ‘Zeeuwse bolus’. It’s covered with brown sugar and has a cinnamon taste. The texture is a bit like a doughnut, but less gooey. Because the shape looks a bit like a turd, poo is sometimes called ‘bolus’.

2. Turkish pizza

Turkish pizza with salad

This is a common fastfood item in the Netherlands, a Turkish pizza filled with salad. You know those big meats turning on a stick and being grilled? That’s döner kebab. Thin pieces of meat on a stick. You can also add that meat in the pizza. De-a-licious.

3. Free peanuts at Five Guys

Businesses in the Netherlands usually charge money for everything. Like going to the toilet or condiments at fastfood stores. But Five Guys has shifted this mindset! They are giving you free peanuts and condiments. Take my money! (Oh smart, it works)

4. Es Teler with durian

es teler durian Pempek Elysha

I had this sweet drink at Pempek Elysha (the best Indonesian restaurant in the Netherlands according to a lot of Indonesian friends). It’s called Es Teler, ‘es’ is ice, ‘teler’ is.. I don’t know… But it consists out of coconut juice, condensed milk, jelly, jack fruit, young coconut, avocado and durian. It was nice to have avocado as chunks in your drink, that was a first for me. And durian… man, I still need to get used to the smell. But my foodgoal is: loving durian after 10 tries. This was my second time eating durian, so 2/10. I also came to love kimchi after eating it a lot during my exchange in South-Korea. So I believe in the power of 10!

5. Tuna pokebowl

Tuna Pokebowl of Mr. Chow in Schiedam

I just can’t stop talking about this tuna poke bowl of Mr. Chow in Schiedam. It’s so good! The sriracha mayonnaise is such a good combo with sashimi. Recommended restaurant!

The Whiskey video is almost done. It’s coming out one of these days. For now, have a good weekend!

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