Biang Biang Mian

I have a new cooking goal: making chewy and broad biang biang noodles. I have talked about these noodles before in my 2019 recap and it was so delicious in China that I want to eat it too in the Netherlands. I also heard about a new Xi’an restaurant in Rotterdam, Cate Dak Chinese Café, that also serves biang biang mian. But I still have to visit the place.

So for now, I will just eat what I can make at home.

I tried to make biang biang noodles using Mikey Chen’s recipe, but I didn’t let the dough rest as long as in the video. The result was that some part of the noodle was broad and some part was small. The dough was too soft and I cut the pieces way too big. Also, it wasn’t very elastic when I pulled the noodles.

However the taste with the veggies was nice. The noodles were a little bit al dente. I would give this a 5 out of 10, where 10 is: the perfect taste and chewiness of biangbiang mian in China.

biangbiang dough

I am looking forward to perfecting this noodle dish. Hope you guys can eat it too one day. Not mine, well… maybe through a video… hehe..

Have a lovely day!

biang biang noodles

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