What to blog about (+Mr. Chow recommendation)

I am thinking right now what I can talk about for a new food story. A restaurant review, a drawing, just some food diary snippets?

Mr. Chow in Schiedam

Also because I am looking at other food blogs that already wrote a beautiful review of the restaurant I want to talk about, in Dutch though. It’s about Mr. Chow in Schiedam. From Mevr. Yan I learned that her family has a connection with the creation of the menu. Very cool! 

Mr.Chow Flambee salmon poke bowl
Poke bowl with flambe salmon and sriracha mayo. The sriracha mayo is so nice!

I have already eaten a lot of times at Mr. Chow and every dish is excellent. The food makes my taste buds really happy. The food is usually served within 5 minutes if it is not too busy. Speed and quality food!

Lazy and expectations

Now I am also being lazy and not writing my own review, but ah well, maybe next time I will write a proper story. That’s the nice part of a ‘personal’ blog, it can be about anything, instead of what other people expect to read. But what do people expect from my blog actually? …

Update Whisky video

Well, it’s going steady with the video. After fixing a Premiere error I can finally edit again. Currently I have picked the nice interview parts and I am editing the taco making process. Next is adding some music to stitch all the subjects together. I am off to edit again.

See ya next week!

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