The best ramen in the Netherlands

Since 2017 I have been exploring the ramen scene in The Netherlands (mainly near Rotterdam). Below are restaurants which I often go to if I need to get my ramen fix. This list is based on my personal preference.

My requirements are:

  • El dente and chewy noodles
  • Soup with a lingering feeling on the back of your tongue, rich in umami
  • Soft and flavourful meat
  • Toppings that match well with the soup

Zuid-Holland ramen

Yokohama Ramen Saito | Schiedam
The first ramen place that gave me the ‘oh, ramen-can-be-this-good’- experience. Favourite ramen: deep thick Tonkotsu broth with broad chewy noodles, soy version, topped with extra menma.

Tensai Ramen | Rotterdam
Tensai taught me a new Tonkotsu flavour. Favourite ramen: Black Tonkotsu, a tad lighter than Saitou’s Tonkotsu. Creamy, floaty and an addicting broth. Very thin and straight noodles, hakata style.

Ramen Nikkou | Delft
Favorite ramen: Toripaitan shio (chicken rich soup noodles). Light, flavourful, and good quality broth. Very soft meat topping. You can take out using your own 1L container. Very sustainable.

Amsterdam ramen

I haven’t eaten a lot of ramen in Amsterdam yet, but I got some recommendations. Susam from suggested:

Mr. Saitou recommended a new branch of Fou Fow Ramen, specialized in udon.

Ramen-Kingdom | near Amsterdam train station

They even have capsule toy machines!

If you know any good ramen places, please let me know. Have a good day!

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